Case Study

Hashicorp + productiv

How Hashicorp manages SaaS costs and keeps employees productive

Jim Fazzone, Hashicorp + Productiv

“Productiv gives us visibility into engagement patterns and specific features that are being used

as well as tools and features that are potentially underutilized. This has proven to be a huge helper for us in renewal conversations and licensing considerations.”

– Jim Fazzone, Head of IT at Hashicorp


  • Limited Visibility
  • Constrained IT Resources
  • 200+ SaaS Contracts to Manage
  • Rapid Company Growth and Onboarding


  • Improved SaaS Management Processes
  • Increased Cross-Department Collaboration
  • Reduced SaaS Costs Driven by Product Usage
  • Improved Productivity and Onboarding

Creating an IT Organization and Effectively Managing SaaS Applications

HashiCorp provides open-source tools and commercial products that are used by over 250 of the Global 2000 companies. Their software is critical in enabling secure, distributed application infrastructure for their customers. The company is 8 years old, but the last 2 years have been in hypergrowth, creating a new set of challenges.

When Jim Fazzone joined, the company did not have an IT department. He was tasked with developing the team and helping the company scale. HashiCorp has been adding approximately 50 new people each month, growing from 150 people to over 1000 people in 2 years. The combination of growth and a workforce that was 85% remote (pre-COVID) created a number of IT challenges.



Improved Process and Visibility

HashiCorp needed a better process for managing 225 SaaS applications. Previously the team would juggle between Google Sheets, Slack messages, and IT tickets to understand what software was being used. Now all of that was a thing of the past.

“When we switched to Productiv, we had instant visibility into all of our known applications, how each one was being used, and which teams and individuals were using it.” said Jim. Productiv was critical in creating a platform that could be shared between Finance, IT, and Lines of Business.



Reduced SaaS Costs

HashiCorp wanted to find ways to manage SaaS costs and maximize value for the organization. They leveraged Productiv to analyze application and feature usage. For example, they added time limits to determine if employees had not used apps in a 90 day period.

This visibility, as well as the upcoming renewals feature was critical for IT. They could have data-driven conversations with both Finance and vendors to negotiate the right level of licenses and SaaS spend.



Increased Productivity and Collaboration

Finally, HashiCorp wanted to make sure that employees have the right tools to get their jobs done efficiently. Productiv allowed HashiCorp IT to become more strategic and play a consulting role with each business group.

IT can now look at what tools are the best for what department and leverage usage data. For example, the Legal team may need Dropbox while Marketing may need Google Drive based on different feature usage. IT has become an enabler of increased productivity and a better employee experience.

“When we switched to Productiv, we had instant visibility

into all of our known applications, how each was being used, and which teams and individuals were using it.”

— Jim Fazzone, Head of IT, Hashicorp


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