Renewal request stage in Productiv's App Procurement Hub dashboard

App Procurement Hub

Stress less and save more. Automate procurement processes, align stakeholders, and assess vendors with data and workflows that do the hard work for you.


Frictionless software procurement decisions

Productiv enables you to configure automated intake and renewal processes quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Set up data-driven reviews and approvals with multiple stakeholders across departments to improve collaboration, and pair Productiv insights with vendor intelligence to make data-driven decisions.

The workflow builder dashboard of the App Procurement Hub

Automate software intake and renewal processes

Create no-code procurement workflows for reviews and approvals with parallel steps, conditions, rule-based triggers, and custom tasks. Track and share cost savings on a routine basis.

Best practices to improve SaaS renewals

Align stakeholders using data and benchmarks

Surface pricing benchmarks, license recommendations, and usage data at the right time to get all stakeholders on the same page. Collaborate and easily take action in Slack with discussions, documents, and outcomes updated in Productiv.

How procurement and IT can align to optimize SaaS costs

Approval task dashboard of the App Procurement Hub
Renewal workflow screenshot featuring security and compliance information for review.

Assess vendor risk and compliance

Check if an application complies with security and privacy certifications, such as SOC 2 and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). Record vendor evaluations and information for quick reference.

Get 11 tips for vendor assessments

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