Renewal request stage in Productiv's App Procurement Hub dashboard

App Procurement Hub

Take the stress out of software and services procurement processes by aligning and engaging stakeholders, so you can buy and renew software faster with the best data and insights.


Frictionless software procurement experience

Built on SaaS Intelligence™, the Productiv App Procurement Hub enables you to configure automated procurement processes quickly, easily, and cost effectively. Set up data-driven reviews and approvals with multiple stakeholders across departments to improve collaboration, and pair Productiv insights with vendor intelligence to drive stronger negotiations.

The workflow builder dashboard of the App Procurement Hub

Automated workflows

Create workflows for intakes, renewals, and other processes with ease 

  • Quickly build no-code workflows to support your procurement processes, including taking automated actions in other systems
  • Set up reviews and approvals with serial, parallel, and conditional steps
  • Provide stakeholders with an intuitive experience that speeds up the process without expensive additional licenses

Strategic collaboration

Improve alignment with insight-rich reviews and approvals

  • Get all stakeholders on the same page by surfacing relevant insights and recommendations at the right time
  • Enable employees to discuss and align in dedicated Slack channels that seamlessly update the workflow
  • Preserve conversations, documents, and task outcomes in Productiv for future reference on renewal and intake decisions
Approval task dashboard of the App Procurement Hub
Prepare request dashboard stage of Productiv's App Procurement Hub

Data & insights

Negotiate confidently with pricing benchmarks, vendor intelligence, and usage data

  • Compare your costs to your peers with app and SKU pricing benchmarks
  • Minimize risk with vendor insights and assessments at your fingertips
  • Save money on licenses with recommendations based on app usage insights

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