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Understand whether your business is getting the intended value from applications

Get data and insights to maximize the business value of applications

Once you know the applications your company is using, have your processes in place to efficiently size these applications and have ongoing control on licenses and spend, you want to get to the real value. Be the expert who helps your company capture true value from these applications.

Use Cases

Drive Adoption and Engagement

  • Leverage trend data from application engagement and provisioning to understand future
    projections on use
  • Look deeply at adoption to anticipate the need for upgrades or downgrades in licensing tiers
  • See how your organization stacks up against the industry
  • See benchmarks for engagement based on app, industry, geography, and company size

“Being capital efficient is a key priority for me. We’re using Productiv to rightsize our SaaS applications based on employee usage patterns. Productiv has the potential to provide real-time application engagement data that could result in material savings in our run rate. We now understand not just whether applications are being used, but how they’re being used.”

Milind Wagle, CIO

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