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Continuously evaluate SaaS application cost and effectiveness

Drive changes in your business through automated workflows that allow IT to focus on strategic work

Once you have discovered and visualized your Enterprise SaaS application portfolio, make sure you have the best mix of applications and that you have control over licenses and spend. See where application redundancy exists based on team, and slice and pivot on application overlap data to identify where true redundancy problems exist. Correlate analysis across applications to see the best application combinations for your organization at a team level.

Use Cases

Engagement-based License Management

  • Weekly updates on engagement and provisioned users by app
  • Notifications on upcoming renewals and recommended actions
  • Automatically Deprovision, upgrade, or downgrade licenses based on individual usage patterns
  • Know when licenses are running low

“At LiveRamp, SaaS applications enable our employees to move fast and collaborate efficiently, but the ease with which SaaS applications can be purchased or replaced makes evaluating and rationalizing our total SaaS portfolio a challenge With Productiv engagement analytics, we have a 360-degree view into the apps our people use and feature-level visibility into how they are being used, enabling us to continuously evaluate and rationalize our portfolio and focus adoption efforts on the applications with the most engagement.”

Amit Sharan, Head Of Global Business Technology

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