The Only SaaS Management Platform Built on SaaS Intelligence™


Enable Proactive Governance

Increase visibility, compliance, and cost savings through predictive insights

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Accelerate Operational Velocity

Automate workflows based on app usage insights for faster IT operations 

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Increase Employee Engagement

Personalize digital employee experiences at scale using ML for higher engagement

What is SaaS Intelligence™?

How Productiv's SaaS Intelligence Platform works

SaaS Intelligence is the data-driven approach to app governance, operations, and employee engagement. With Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform, you capture billions of employee app engagement data points and apply proprietary machine learning models to power:

Improved app visibility and compliance

Higher cost efficiency across your app portfolio

Increased employee personalization via ML

Faster operations through intelligent automation

Better decisioning via predictive insights and benchmarks

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Productiv is the data-driven SaaS management platform built for enterprises. Don’t just take our word for it — see what others are saying.

Startup Productiv
Raises $45 Million in New Funding

The Wall Street Journal | March 31, 2021

Company says its platform, which helps CIOs measure employee app engagement, experienced boost during pandemic…

Jody Shapiro Builds Productiv To Better Manage SaaS Applications

Forbes | Apr 26, 2021

According to the company, clients who deploy their tool discover that 43% of applications were purchased outside of IT…

This Google veteran’s startup Productiv raised $45 million to help companies…

Business Insider | March 31, 2021

Founded in 2018, startup Productiv has been benefited from companies’ rush to adopt software fpr remote working and…

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