Productiv for Procurement

Align across the software procurement process with actionable data

Relying on data from vendors for purchases and renewals and working in a silo is a recipe for wasted spend. With a single source for trusted app usage data, you can align with IT and business leaders to optimize spend, confidently negotiate contracts, and minimize risk for the most effective software procurement.

Green Gradient Services

Take the stress out of software procurement with AI + automation


Automate intake and renewals

Streamline software intake and renewals with no-code workflows that bring together the stakeholders and data needed to make the best decisions faster.

Put your contracts in one place

Gain a single source of truth for all of your vendor and contract information to drive more efficient and effective SaaS procurement.

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Compare to pricing and usage benchmarks

See how your SaaS app pricing and usage measures up to other organizations to help you not overpay for what you use.

Align using data-driven insights

Surface insights on license usage, SaaS apps with overlapping functionality, and vendor assessments to help guide conversations with IT, finance, and app owners about renewals, purchases, and consolidations.

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"By using Productiv's app engagement insights and automated licensing recommendations, we were able to save 67% on an upcoming renewal for a file sharing platform. Achieving ROI after just two months of using Productiv was a quick and easy win."

Natalie Wubben

Procurement Manager, Avant