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Leading enterprises rely on Productiv to maximize the value of their SaaS applications.

Customer Spotlight: Maria Centeno, SoFi

Maria Centeno, Head of Procurement at SoFi, shares hows she’s building a modern procurement org from the ground up and how to build a best-in-class tech engine with Productiv.

Equinix went from 3+ collaboration tools and missed meetings to deprecating their legacy app and improving communication.

Life before Productiv was a mess of spreadsheets, but now HashiCorp has complete visibility into 212 apps.

Databricks leverages Productiv to be stay agile, create process around SaaS, and improve cross-functional partnerships with the lines of business.


Shobz Ahluwalia, CIO of Uber

Shobz Ahluwalia, CIO

Uber gets a holistic view of their 1,000 SaaS apps and visibility into billions of app activities.

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Vik Shah, Corporate Controller

Zoom leverages in-depth analytics for their 250+ apps and makes smarter renewal decisions.

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Top Rated SaaS Management Platform

“Productiv – a visionary in enterprise SaaS management”

Vinitha J, IT Portfolio Management Lead


“Before Productiv, my team used to maintain all the enterprise apps in an excel file. With Productiv, we were finally able to retire the dreaded spreadsheet and now my team can focus on things like data insights on license recommendations, user/teams engagement, etc.”

“Great tool for SaaS tracking and strategic insights”

Patricia J, Strategic Sourcing


“Productiv is a tool my team uses regularly to monitor our spend, deep-dive into application engagement data, and ultimately helping us identify larger savings opportunities. The data intelligence is next level and provides great strategic insights. The customer and implementation support team is 5 stars. Great experience overall.”


Unify your sprawling portfolio, simplify operational workflows and get the intelligent data you need to unlock employee productivity.

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