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Uber gets a holistic view of 1,000+ apps and visibility into billions of app activities


United Talent Agency reduces time spent on data gathering & analysis by 20%


Databricks reduced license costs for key SaaS apps by 35%


Equinix consolidated SaaS apps without missing a beat

Green Gradient Services

Productiv provides Medallia with comprehensive, real-time visibility into our entire SaaS application portfolio. Their deep integration into our IT stack and automated notifications helps us solve important problems around employee engagement, adoption, and application usage.”

Ashwin Ballal
Ashwin Ballal

VP of IT, Medallia


Top rated in SaaS Spend Management


“Productiv – a visionary in enterprise SaaS management”

Vinitha J., IT Portfolio Management Lead

“Before Productiv, my team used to maintain all the enterprise apps in an excel file. With Productiv, we were finally able to retire the dreaded spreadsheet and now my team can focus on things like data insights on license recommendations, user/teams engagement, etc.”


“Great tool for SaaS tracking and strategic insights”

Patricia J., Strategic Sourcing

“Productiv is a tool my team uses regularly to monitor our spend, deep-dive into application engagement data, and ultimately helping us identify larger savings opportunities. The data intelligence is next level and provides great strategic insights. The customer and implementation support team is 5 stars. Great experience overall.”


"Enterprise SaaS management made easy"

Ashutosh A., Director Risk & Compliance

“Productiv is a game-changer for managing our SaaS inventory. Its intuitive dashboard offers actionable insights, uncovering shadow IT and highlighting underutilized apps. Renewal reminders and detailed access management boost efficiency and security. App engagement data empowers us to optimize usage. It's a fantastic product that's revolutionized our SaaS management."


"So much value add, providing support to Technology, Finance, Security and Exec level."

Thulsi W., Software Asset Management Analyst

“A user friendly platform that provides accurate data for us to make informed decisions around SaaS budgets, to negotiate contracts well in advance and support alignment to our strategy as an organization."


"Innovative SaaS Management Platform with an Exciting Roadmap"

Frank C., Manager, IT Operations

“Productiv's App Procurement Hub has made bringing all of our stakeholders together for SaaS renewals and SaaS intake effortless. It has provided structure to our internal processes while enabling a data-driven approach to our SaaS management. Best of all, renewals never sneak up on us anymore. We're always way ahead of the game and that provides an incredible amount of leverage in negotiations."


"Insightful tool for Managing SaaS Trends and Data"

Emily T., Senior Buyer, IT/Indirect Procurement

“Productiv allows for real-time user traceability and spend management down to the user level. This is an invaluable tool for renewals to really dig into usage by department, job type, trends month over month etc. We utilize this tool for most of our renewals to gauge interest in the tool over all the current users, as well as where we can initiate cost savings."

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