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Leading enterprises rely on Productiv to unlock the most value from their SaaS portfolios at scale.

Equinix consolidated SaaS apps without missing a beat

Having too many collaboration tools can lead to missed messages, inefficient communication, and wasted spend. Productiv helped Equinix identify and act on adoption trends to seamless transition from 3+ tools to a single app.

Hashicorp gained complete visibility into 200+ SaaS apps

Visibility is key for strong collaboration, and collaboration key for successful growth. With a clear view of all SaaS apps, HashiCorp's IT team is equipped to work strategically with business teams and pair them with the tools they need.

Databricks reduced license costs for key SaaS apps by 35%

No one wants to pay for unused licenses, but many find it hard to confidently identify the right number of licenses. Databricks used Productiv’s feature-level app engagement insights and automated deprovisioning to save big on license costs.

Mike Hamilton at Databricks shares his story

Top rated SaaS management platform


“Productiv – a visionary in enterprise SaaS management”

Vinitha J | IT Portfolio Management Lead

“Before Productiv, my team used to maintain all the enterprise apps in an excel file. With Productiv, we were finally able to retire the dreaded spreadsheet and now my team can focus on things like data insights on license recommendations, user/teams engagement, etc.”


“Great tool for SaaS tracking and strategic insights”

Patricia J | Strategic Sourcing

“Productiv is a tool my team uses regularly to monitor our spend, deep-dive into application engagement data, and ultimately helping us identify larger savings opportunities. The data intelligence is next level and provides great strategic insights. The customer and implementation support team is 5 stars. Great experience overall.”


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