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Productiv for the CIO

Unite your teams around a unified data foundation

As your SaaS portfolio grows, joint decision-making by IT, finance, procurement, and business leaders is critical for reducing risk, increasing efficiency, and creating higher-quality outcomes across your SaaS investments. Productiv helps you drive collaboration by aligning teams with comprehensive visibility and proactive insights based on trusted data to better manage app spend, renewals, and portfolio strategy.


Learn how to move beyond spreadsheets to manage SaaS

Findings from IT research report

The State of SaaS Management


say their organization is currently subscribed to more than 100 SaaS applications


agree centralize SaaS Management allows teams to focus more on strategic initiativees


say reactive, manual methods like spreadsheets put them at risk of missing key information

Achieve superior outcomes with SaaS Intelligence™

Comprehensive visibility for reduced risk

Get visibility into app purchased outside IT to create a comprehensive picture of your organization's SaaS portfolio. From there, you can better manage the risks associated with your SaaS apps.

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Teams and users dashboard shoeing provisioned spend by users

Proactive insights for greater efficiency

Gain insights about which licenses are being used and even which features are being adopted by different teams. Use these insights to rightsize your license and app purchases.

Collaborative decisioning for higher quality outcomes

Align IT, procurement, finance, and business leaders through trusted data from reliable sources they can count on. Make better decisions together in support of your business initiatives and growth goals.

App insights dashboard engagement metrics

Productiv gives us an unsurpassed level of control, automation, and data-driven decision making. Productiv has saved the IT team more than 10 hours per week, helped drive renewal savings of over 30%, and enables a better employee experience with actionable engagement insights.”

Praniti Lakhwara, CIO



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