Let your AI sidekick do the heavy lifting with smart benchmarks and usage data. Save time. Gather intel. Take action.

Remove barriers around your entire portfolio. Know what have you have before it’s purchased — not when you pay for it

Uncover and analyze usage by app, by team, by user in real-time. See who has access to what and make real-time decisions

Save time by automating license reclamation. Relieve your bandwidth, reclaim and rightsize licenses with a click

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Discover SaaS apps in your organization instantly

Get notified when any new apps are discovered in your IT environment and see the associated usage and spend. Then get aligned with the help of relevant insights right at your fingertips.

Track true employee app and feature engagement

Unlike other vendors, Productiv enables you to go beyond login data to truly see how apps are being used. Our deep integrations provide granular insights into app usage by user, feature, team, and more.

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Manage SaaS app governance in one place

Set SaaS app lifecycle stage, metadata, ownership, and governance policies all in a single view.

Automatically reclaim underutilized SaaS licenses

Set custom thresholds to remove access or downgrade employee licenses based on app and feature usage.

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Automate employee app access and workflows

Provide employees with a single, personalized place to discover and request the SaaS apps they need. Then grant access in minutes with automated approval workflows.

Within 90 days of discovering a redundant meeting app with excessive licenses, we were able to identify the active users, transition them to our preferred app, and eliminate the siloed app to save over $1M.

Ardriana Nelson