Streamline your Spend Decisions

Information overload, competing priorities, and pressure to just get things done make it challenging to consistently feel confident in your spend decisions. With Productiv's in-depth data insights, AI powered recommendations, and automated reporting, your teams will have the information they need to collaborate, decide, and act all in one platform.

Always be in the know

and avoid information overload with relevant AI powered data and insights

Move forward faster

by allowing Sidekick, Productiv’s AI assistant, to do the heavy lifting with app comparisons and automated recommendations

Collaborate around unified data

by effectively and efficiently working in tandem with your teams on shared priorities


Get informed and collaborate

Ensure your teams have the right information to make the best decisions together. From contract and usage data, to security compliance and pricing benchmarks, your team will have the information they need to make the right decisions.

Leverage best in class AI

Gain process efficiencies and reduce the lift for your teams. With Sidekick’s provisioning insights, rightsizing recommendations, and usage data your teams can make empowered decisions and take swift action all within one platform.


Easy spend decisions

Protect your budget and ensure your teams know what to purchase and renew. With insights like in-house application catalogues, application comparisons, and consolidation recommendations Sidekick takes the difficulty out of spend decisions by surfacing data and insights around your portfolio.

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“Having all of the data from Productiv at my fingertips when approaching a discussion with our CFO has made those conversations much more strategic because it instills confidence that we will make the right decision.”

Chris Rossi
Chris Rossi

VP Information Security & Technology, Total Expert