A Practical Guide to Cost Optimization

Bring IT and procurement together to better manage and continuously save across your SaaS portfolio with these three steps

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Data Sheet: Productiv AppCenter

With Productiv for Procurement, get the data you need to effectively negotiate contracts, renewals, and...


Strategies for Optimizing SaaS Renewals

Strategies for Optimizing SaaS Renewals Hear from Kimberly Carbajal, Head of IT Asset Management at...


Data Insights for Business Outcomes

5 business outcomes that IT teams can deliver with increased visibility and automation within their...


Bogged Down with Licensing Tasks?

Bogged Down with Licensing Tasks? Is your team tired of manually deprovisioning unused SaaS licenses...


SaaS and Security

SaaS and Security Security in the SaaS space is more important than ever, with Shadow...


How to Impress the Board as a CIO

How to Impress the Board as a CIO Sue Barsamian, Board Member at Box, Five9,...


How SaaS Powers Operations for Uber

h3How SaaS Powers Operations for Uber Join Shobz Ahluwalia, CIO of Uber, and Jody Shapiro,...


What is SaaS Management?

What is SaaS Management? The dramatic increase in SaaS adoption has mostly been a net...


8 Stats About Enterprise SaaS Oversight

8 Stats AboutEnterprise SaaS Oversight A Survey of IT Leaders on Managing Large App Portfolios...


The State of SaaS Sprawl in 2021

The State of SaaS Sprawl in 2021 Challenges of a Distributed Workforce and Large App...


The State of SaaS Management in 2021

The State of SaaS Management in 2021 We surveyed 100 enterprise tech leaders to understand...


Choosing a SaaS Management Platform

Choosing a SaaS Management Platform Looking for a better way to manage your SaaS portfolio...


IT Leadership in High Growth Companies

IT Leadership in High Growth Companies As the way many companies operate continues to be...


Rethinking SaaS Management

Rethinking SaaS Management Learn six ways to visualize, rationalize, and maximize the value of your...


The Complete Guide to Shadow IT

The Complete Guide To Shadow IT In an interview with Productiv, Silicon Valley veteran Chris...


Modern Procurement Models with 3 Leaders

Modern Procurement Models With 3 Leaders We spoke with 3 procurement leaders of high-growth companies...


Cheetah Digital + Productiv

Learn from Cheetah Digital business technology leaders how Productiv SaaS management with engagement analytics helped...


Apttus + Productiv

Apttus CIO Praniti Lakhwara and VP Business Systems Chetna Mahajan share their experience using Productiv...


Intro to Productiv

Productiv provides application engagement analytics for organizations to help them analyze, drive, and improve their...


Blue Diamond Growers + Productiv

Blue Diamond Growers' VP of IT Steve Birgfeld shares his experience in using Productiv Application...


Customer Spotlight: Databricks

Databricks uses Productiv to stay agile, create process around SaaS, and improve cross-functional partnerships with...


Data Sheet: Productiv + Okta

What SaaS applications you are using, and how you are using them. Okta is the...


Data Sheet: Productiv Data Sheet

Productiv is a SaaS management platform powered by engagement analytics that allows IT teams to...


Data Sheet: Productiv for Procurement

With Productiv for Procurement, get the data you need to effectively negotiate contracts, renewals, and...


Data Sheet: Productiv + Zoom

With Productiv + Zoom, IT leaders get purpose-built app engagement analytics to drive adoption and...


Data Sheet: Productiv + Box

With Productiv + Box, IT leaders get purpose-built app engagement analytics to drive adoption and...


Data Sheet: Productiv + Slack

With Productiv + Slack, IT and procurement leaders can understand Slack's ROI and influence adoption...


Customer Spotlight: Uber

Uber leverages Productiv to be more agile, more dynamic, and create more value for the...


Customer Spotlight: Zoom

Zoom uses Productiv to maximize SaaS value by improving processes and understanding application usage.


Customer Spotlight: Hashicorp

HashiCorp uses Productiv to create higher-level visibility around SaaS applications and ensure each employee has...

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