4 Practical Ways to Tackle SaaS Sprawl Effectively

4 Practical Ways to Tackle SaaS Sprawl Effectively

As SaaS apps like Zoom and Slack have made it easier for companies to collaborate and communicate online, SaaS sprawl has become a huge headache for IT executives. But companies can get their SaaS tools under control if they follow these four practical tips, shares Jody Shapiro, CEO and co-founder, Productiv.

How many SaaS applications do you use in a typical workday? Off the top of my head, I can count two dozen SaaS tools that I use daily for work. They’re so embedded that I can no longer imagine what my day-to-day life would look like without them, and I know I’m not the only one.

SaaS apps have become essential to our work life, despite the fact that the first public cloud was launched only 15 years ago by Amazon. Since then, we’ve witnessed an incredible boom in SaaS apps used for work. And with the pandemic-spurred work shifts of the past year and a half, the B2B SaaS industry has soared to new heights. Gartner projects the SaaS market will reach $123B this year and $145B next year.

Today, SaaS tools are mission-critical for all enterprises — key to ensuring their distributed workforce can remain productive while working in different locations. Now that more businesses are adopting a hybrid or flexible work option for employees, SaaS apps will only continue to proliferate and implant themselves in enterprise operations.

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