Cloud Storage ROI: What’s the Value of Your Cloud?

Cloud Storage ROI: What’s the Value of Your Cloud?

You’ve invested in cloud storage for files, such as Box, G-Suite, or OneDrive, and it seems like employees are making good use of it.

Yet, are you really getting the highest possible cloud storage ROI?

In this post, we’ll explore what cloud storage ROI is, how you measure it, and how Productiv can give you accurate insights into cloud storage ROI analytics.

What Is Cloud ROI?

Before we discuss cloud storage ROI, let’s take a look at what cloud ROI is.

Over the past decade, the media has made much of the ROI the cloud can deliver to businesses. From what you read, it would seem sometimes as though just because you deploy a cloud solution, you’ll immediately see ROI.

That isn’t the case, though.

Cloud ROI doesn’t only look at how much money you save, or even how much money you make as a result of deploying a cloud solution. It also measures the value you’re getting from a solution.

In the next section, we’ll explore the topic of cloud storage ROI, and what kind of value cloud file storage delivers.

What Is Cloud Storage ROI?

Cloud storage ROI refers to the return on investment you’re getting out of your cloud file storage.

When you assess cloud storage ROI for your cloud file storage, you’re looking at the value that cloud storage delivers.

There are a number of ways in which cloud file storage can deliver value to a company:

  • It’s scalable
  • It’s accessible anywhere, at any time
  • It’s secure
  • It’s easy to use – there’s a low learning curve

However, just because a vendor claims that your cloud file storage solution will deliver amazing ROI doesn’t mean that those statements will come true. We’ll examine how you can measure your cloud storage ROI to ensure you’re getting the full return on your investment.

Measuring Cloud Storage ROI

To determine whether you’re truly getting maximum cloud storage ROI, you need to understand how to calculate it.

Here are the factors you should look at:

  • Are you using the resources you’re paying for?
  • Are employees using the premium features you’ve paid for?
  • Are employees engaging with cloud storage solutions?
  • Are you meeting your cloud storage ROI goals?
  • Are employees using other cloud storage solutions?

How Productiv Helps You Achieve Cloud Storage ROI

This is where Productiv comes in.

Productiv’s SaaS ROI solution helps you understand your cloud storage ROI, so you can determine how you can improve the value you’re getting from it.

Productiv provides you with real-time data analytics about cloud storage usage so you can calculate cloud storage ROI and determine how to best drive value from it.

Are Employees Using Your Cloud Storage Solution?

The first question that Productiv can answer for you is, “Are employees using the cloud storage solution our company just purchased?”

At its most basic level, Productiv tracks logins for cloud storage solutions.

With that information, you can see how many employees are using cloud storage, as well as how often. However, tracking logins is the tip of the iceberg, as we’ll see in the following sections.

Are Employees Using the Premium Features for Which You’ve Paid?

Vendors can be very persuasive when it comes to convincing clients that they need premium features.

“Your employees will be so much more productive!” they enthuse. “They’ll collaborate so much better. These features will really drive the bottom line!”

That’s only the case if employees wind up using them, though.

Productiv’s real-time analytics tell you whether employees are actually making use of those premium features. You can see whether all of the license holders that have access to those premium features are making use of them, as well as if any particular teams are using premium features more than others.

Are Employees Engaging with Cloud Storage Solutions?

Productiv compare apps screenshot.

Another important component of cloud storage ROI is employee engagement. Employee engagement asks a few questions:

  • How often are employees using SaaS apps (in this case, cloud file storage)?
  • How many employees are using these SaaS apps?
  • Are particular employees using these SaaS apps more than others?

Productiv also measures engagement over time.

Let’s say when you first implemented the cloud storage solution, many employees flocked to it. Productiv can tell you whether adoption is still high, or if it’s fallen off.

Are You Meeting Your Cloud Storage ROI Goals?

To determine if you’re getting the highest possible cloud storage ROI, you need to understand if you’re meeting adoption goals. Do you want 100% cloud storage adoption, and is that even a realistic goal to have?

Productiv collects data on industry benchmarks for SaaS apps, including cloud file storage.

You can see how your company as a whole measures up, or you can look at usage among individual teams. For example, you could evaluate how your sales team uses OneDrive relative to other sales teams in your industry.

With industry benchmark data, you can set realistic goals for cloud file storage adoption and usage. Productiv gives you the information you need to figure out if you’re meeting those targets, so you can build an effective strategy to drive greater adoption.

Are Employees Using Other Cloud Storage Solutions?

Let’s say you’ve just deployed Box within your organization. The vendor has promised you that Box should replace any other cloud file storage solution your employees were using – it’s just that user-friendly. However, that isn’t the case.

You learn that Box adoption is low. Moreover, employees are still using their personal G-suite file storage for transferring and storing enterprise data. It’s incredibly frustrating: after investing time, money, and effort into deploying this solution, you’re not seeing the cloud storage ROI you thought you would.

In addition to measuring employee engagement with SaaS apps, Productiv can also tell you whether employees have downloaded related apps that haven’t been sanctioned by IT.

To go back to the example of Box, Productiv will alert you if employees are still using related apps such as personal G-suite accounts for file storage and transfer.

Achieve Cloud Storage ROI with Productiv

Productiv’s SaaS ROI solution offers real-time analytics into your cloud file storage solution, so you can understand your cloud storage ROI. Your Ultimate SaaS Dashboard. 


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