Elevate Your Employee App Experience from Discovery to Provisioning

Elevate Your Employee App Experience from Discovery to Provisioning

Employees today expect the tools they use at work to be as intuitive and engaging as the consumer apps they use at home. By not providing personalized experiences that deliver instant gratification, you’re putting employee engagement and productivity on the line. And that risk is only growing — a company’s technology choices have a real influence on employee turnover.

Not convinced?

 49% of employees are likely to leave their job if they’re unhappy with the technology they use at work.

And what about the employees who remain? If they aren’t easily provided the apps they need by the business, they’ll source their own SaaS. The traditional, IT-centric approach to app fulfillment simply can’t keep up with today’s hyper-competitive, remote-friendly environment. Despite the name, this approach actually creates more work for IT.

Why an IT-centric approach to app fulfillment doesn’t work

The traditional approach to employee app fulfillment is outdated and often lacking at every stage of the process. These technologies were initially developed to meet the needs of IT and don’t account for the needs and expectations of today’s employees. 

Whether an employee is a new hire or a high performer taking on new responsibilities, finding the right tools to be successful can often feel like a guessing game. And the fallout of that guessing game has a lasting impact.

The current process goes a little something like this…

  1. Employees get frustrated that they don’t have what they need.
  2. They don’t know how or where they can get software, so they purchase the app themselves without IT involvement (shadow IT).
  3. Or they use a generic form-fill process to request an app from IT, then wait without communication for two or more weeks as IT works through the complex manual approval process.
  4. The resource-intensive and prolonged fulfillment process leads to reduced productivity, limited app adoption, and an overall poor employee experience. 
  5. And when a disengaged employee who purchased an app leaves, IT is left in the dark, which results in no de-provisioning or control of potentially sensitive data.

Employees need an app today, not in two weeks.

In the end, this outdated approach is friction-filled for employees and IT. So what’s the alternative? What if you were able to put employees and their needs first while reducing the burden on IT at the same time?

Eliminate fulfillment friction with an employee-centric approach

At Productiv, we’ve rebuilt the app discovery to fulfillment process around your employees. This approach completely changes the app fulfillment game and leads to enhanced productivity, increased app adoption, and an IT-guided employee experience. And by automating the entire app fulfillment process, IT has more time and resources for more strategic initiatives.

Employee-centric app fulfillment

Using an employee-centric approach, you can:

  • Guide employees with role-based app and license recommendations
  • Enable employees to easily request an app with a click
  • Give employees access to apps in under five minutes with auto-approval workflows and on-demand app fulfillment and provisioning

That’s the power of AppCenter.

Introducing the Productiv AppCenter add-on

Productiv AppCenter is an employee app fulfillment application, built on Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform. This solution — built with IT and employees in mind — guides employees to an IT-curated list of pre-approved apps that are available on-demand and automates the employee app request and fulfillment process.

Recommended Apps in One Place

Put best-in-class and recommended apps at your employees’ fingertips, so they can get their job done faster and eliminate the need for self-sourcing. Employees are supported and guided through every stage of their employee lifecycle with streamlined access to IT-approved apps and role-based recommendations.

Improve the employee app experience with app recommendations
Guide employees to IT-approved apps and role-based recommendations

Notifications Every Step of the Way

In the past, it was easy for employees to feel like their app requests fell into a dark hole. Not anymore! Employees are conveniently notified at every step of the app fulfillment process via Slack and email. IT and app owners can easily approve requests through notifications and one-click approvals in Slack.

Productiv's employee app experience provides automated notifications
Employees receive notifications at every step of the app fulfillment process

Automated App Approvals

Streamlined workflows lift the manual burdens of app fulfillment and licensing to ensure a great experience for employees while reducing overall app portfolio risks.

Automate app approvals - employee app experience
Automate app approvals

And the benefits don’t stop there. AppCenter users can experience a 95% reduction in time spent on manual approvals and provisioning, as well as a 17% increase in employee app adoption and satisfaction, based on internal Productiv analysis from 30,000+ application instances.

The difference Productiv’s employee app experience makes

Centralized view of and instant access to best-of-breed apps vs. Multiple app silos and 2+ week fulfillment

Ongoing recommendations that drive engagement vs. Poor app discovery and adoption

Policy and IT workflow automation vs. Manual approval workflows

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