Enhancing SSO Coverage with Okta + Oktane 2021

Enhancing SSO Coverage with Okta + Oktane 2021

How do you keep your SaaS portfolio secure? Chances are Okta or another SSO provider plays an important role. Productiv integrates with multiple SSO providers to enhance this even further. Our platform helps provide increased visibility and enables you to maximize your SSO coverage. With more and more SaaS applications each year, the problem is getting more complex. The average company has hundreds of SaaS applications, with some large enterprises having over 1,000.

We wanted to share several ways we are improving oversight and reducing risk for all of our SaaS customers. Our partnership with Okta highlights one of the ways we can help IT leaders each day. Productiv uncovers 42% more applications that are not behind SSO. The increased visibility then allows our customers to prioritize apps that need to be behind SSO.

HashiCorp, one of our joint customers increased SSO coverage from 30% to 80% using Okta and Productiv. These stories are why we are part of Okta’s Premier Partner Program and we are looking forward to more success stories like HashiCorp.

Enhancing SSO Visibility

Earlier this month we released an important feature that can help IT secure more applications behind SSO. Our platform has visibility into over 20,000 applications, and we added an integrated security check for SSO.

Now you can easily identify which apps support SSO and track SSO enablement across your entire SaaS portfolio. See which SSO protocols an app supports and which SSO protocols are being used to log in, as well as the compliance certifications identified for the app. Understand if an app is SAML 1.0 or 2.0 compliant. The result is a clear view on which apps represent risk, which ones to put behind SSO, and which ones need to be deprovisioned.

Continuing the discussion at Oktane 2021

We are excited for further discussions around risk and security next week. Oktane, one of the biggest events for Okta, is happening next week on April 6th – 8th. It will be a chance for in-depth discussions around IT priorities, security, and measurement. Our CEO Jody will be speaking with Sylvie Veilleux, the CIO of Dropbox at 12:30 PM PST on April 6th and drop by our virtual booth. We look forward to seeing you soon and discussing how we can help manage your risk and increase your SSO coverage.

Productiv’s real-time app engagement analytics and security features help you make the right decisions about enterprise SaaS apps. Learn more about why Productiv is the top rated SaaS Management Platform.

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