How Databricks Automated License Management and Optimized SaaS Spend by 35%

How Databricks Automated License Management and Optimized SaaS Spend by 35%

Like many companies at the start of the pandemic, Databricks transitioned from 30% of employees working remotely pre-pandemic to a 100% remote workforce. The high-growth tech company relied entirely on SaaS-based tools, which meant IT had to figure out how to deliver and secure the right SaaS apps for their remote workforce. With 3,000-plus employees and more than 300 SaaS apps, IT had tens of thousands of licenses to manage while simultaneously addressing other operational challenges.

IT was wasting time and resources by manually deprovisioning licenses

Databricks’ IT team was spending too much time provisioning, managing, and deprovisioning SaaS apps for thousands of employees. They managed hundreds of apps in a spreadsheet that included everything from Google Docs Suite and Salesforce to Slack and Zoom.

“It was straight spreadsheets and exporting logs from, for instance, Office 365 and Okta. It was very cumbersome and time-consuming.” 

Ian Kennedy, Director of Corporate Engineering Helpdesk

License management was so manual and inefficient that the team discovered they were still paying for licenses months after previous employees had left. What’s more, the team lacked basic usage information when it came time for license negotiations with SaaS vendors.

Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence automates license management

After adopting Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform, Databricks was able to solve their critical SaaS management problems and establish a single system of record for governing all SaaS apps. The team uses Productiv’s Elastic License Management feature to automate license provisioning and deprovisioning. With Productiv’s AppCenter feature, IT is able to guide employee app discovery and automate fulfillment — delivering on the digital experience their employees have come to expect.

Thanks to Productiv, Databricks has achieved tremendous benefits across the employee lifecycle:

  • Optimized app spend with up to 35% reduction across Zoom, DocuSign, and Asana (savings of almost $200K) via Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform
  • Automated license provisioning and deprovisioning workflows via Elastic License Management
  • Guided employee app discovery and automated app fulfillment via AppCenter
  • Optimized license management by downgrading employees who weren’t using paid Zoom features to the free version via Elastic License Management

“Overprovisioning, cost savings, and time savings are major issues for us. And Productiv gives us a better position for bargaining with SaaS providers. It’s just invaluable to have the additional data; without that, we’d just be blind coming into meetings with SaaS vendors.”

Ian Kennedy, Director of Corporate Engineering Helpdesk

Download the full Databricks case study PDF to learn more about how the Databricks IT team transformed their SaaS management processes with Productiv. 

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