How Databricks is Transforming SaaS Management with Productiv

How Databricks is Transforming SaaS Management with Productiv

How Databricks is Transforming SaaS Management

Almost overnight, employee productivity has become the new C-suite priority. Even before mandatory remote work accelerated this conversation, the rise of SaaS applications forced business-critical questions that needed answers like  “Are we seeing a decrease in employee productivity?” or “Are my teams able to get their work done at home?” 

Specific to SaaS, businesses who are constantly buying new licenses need to understand if that spend is actually useful. They need to know where there are  overlapping SaaS products and redundant spend — especially when working within a tight budget. And they need to know where consolidating the apps in their environment will give them a competitive advantage.

This Thursday, June 4th, we’re hosting a live event with Databricks’ Head of IT Mike Hamilton and Productiv CEO Jody Shapiro. Join us and learn exactly how Mike and his team tackled these questions and more, including how Productiv helped Mike and Databricks: 

  • Manage the IT stack during hyper growth to make better, more strategic decisions around cross-functional collaboration and long-term planning
  • Drive financial prudence by rightsizing SaaS licenses, ensuring each user has the right licenses and eliminating redundant overlapping apps
  • Deeply understand actual usage of existing applications by team and feature to reduce friction and increase innovation across the business.

We’ll also have a Q&A for attendees looking to ask Mike or Jody about how Productiv’s SaaS Management Platform helped Databricks prove the effectiveness of their SaaS applications, saving months of time on manual tasks and enabling IT to be more strategic.

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