Increase visibility into enterprise collaboration with the Miro integration for Productiv

During the rapid shift to remote work in the past 18 months, many companies searched for new and more creative ways to collaborate. In fact, we saw our customers increasingly turn to tools like Slack and online whiteboard platform Miro to ensure remote teams remained productive and had channels to work together effectively. 

As part of our effort to help customers maximize the value of their collaboration tools, we are thrilled to announce our new partnership with Miro. Our Miro integration provides real-time usage data, insights into how features are used, and increased control for the Miro platform.

Why Miro?

With over 20 million users, Miro has played a critical role in helping teams of all sizes thrive and innovate when they can’t meet in person. Their online whiteboard tool is something we use regularly at Productiv, and we’ve seen many of our customers leverage the platform for brainstorming, design, and beyond.

Based on our own data, we’ve noticed that Miro is often purchased outside of the IT department. In fact, it ranks within our top 20 discovered apps (AKA apps managed outside of IT). We’ve also heard from IT leaders who are searching for an accurate way to track and manage usage of the platform as adoption rises. 

According to Steven Miller, Head of Enterprise Partnerships at Miro, “Our new integration with Productiv makes life easier for IT departments to run and manage Miro alongside other SaaS tools. Working with Productiv will allow admins more time to focus on maximizing adoption and less time auditing applications, collecting data, and tracking down licenses.”

Introducing the Miro Integration for Productiv

Our team worked closely with Miro to define and create a custom solution. With the Miro integration, you can now perform the following actions in Productiv:

  • Analyze real-time insights
  • Streamline license management
  • Maximize value and adoption

Analyze real-time insights

Our new integration provides in-depth usage metrics for Miro customers. Go beyond login data and see how each team is collaborating by discovering which features are used most. Dive into real-time data on how many users created a project, shared a board, or created a template.

The Productiv platform combines over 100M data points each day across multiple systems to provide even greater insights around team and individual usage. For example, see which departments are collaborating based on HR system integrations and team-level insights. Gain full visibility into how your employees are using Miro day to day. 

Streamline license management

We know IT departments have limited time, and the rapid increase in SaaS applications can often impact resources. Now with Miro, IT leaders and administrators can manage licenses and set up automated de-provisioning rules within the Productiv platform.

Maximize value and adoption

We expect that companies will continue to invest in collaboration tools, and our partnership with Miro focuses on maximizing the value of those tools. Which teams are using these tools the most? What are best practices across the organization? Productiv and Miro want to help customers answer these questions and continue to build better SaaS platforms to maximize collaboration and productivity. This is only the first of many ways we’ll be bringing value to our joint customers in the future.

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