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Mass Layoffs in Tech Influencing CIO Priorities in 2023. Munish Gandhi, Co-Founder and COO, Productiv

Mass Layoffs in Tech Influencing CIO Priorities in 2023

How CIOs are reevaluating priorities in the face of economic uncertainty and mass layoffs in the tech sector.

Introducing Productiv App Procurement Hub

Software Procurement Reimagined: Minimize Friction to Maximize Value

A process as business critical as software procurement shouldn’t be full of friction, or worse, surprises! Yet, for many organizations it is.

What's new in Productiv? January 2023 Edition

What’s New in Productiv?

View GAAP expenses by fiscal year, review contract audit logs, add app descriptions, and more.

What's New in Productiv (5)

What’s New in Productiv?

Edit contract renewal status, delete contracts, track contract processing, and more.

Reduce risk and optimize SaaS costs with this SaaS procurement guide

How SaaS Procurement Teams Can Reduce Risk and Optimize SaaS Costs

Learn how to make sure your teams are procuring SaaS the right way.

Best Practices to Improve SaaS Renewals

Best Practices to Improve SaaS Renewals

Every year, you have more SaaS renewals to manage. Learn how to improve the process.

Software Asset Management vs. SaaS Management

SAM vs SMP: Why a Software Asset Management Tool Is Insufficient for SaaS Management

What is software asset management? And how does it compare to SaaS Management?

What's new in Productiv? November 2022 Edition

What’s New in Productiv?

Vendor and contract management enhancements, updates to the AppList, and more.

Insights from Gartner IT Symposium with Aashish Chandarana, CIO at Productiv

How to Gain Full SaaS Visibility and Grow Sustainably

In this era of SaaS sprawl, trying to gain full SaaS visibility and figure out what it is you own can be quite overwhelming.

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How To Drive Productivity While Optimizing SaaS Costs

Growth and savings are hard to achieve at the same time. But data and collaboration make all the difference.

Insights from Gartner IT Symposium | Xpo with Productiv CIO

Key CIO Takeaways from Gartner IT Symposium

Hear what was top of mind for CIOs at Gartner IT Symposium | Xpo 2022.

Productiv launches on AWS Marketplace

Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ Platform Is Now on AWS Marketplace

See how AWS customers can benefit from the Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ Platform.


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