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Why Procurement Needs Effective Collaboration to Manage SaaS Spend

Procurement and IT can collaborate to avoid these three SaaS spend-related risks.

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Procurement Can Optimize SaaS Spend Without Disrupting the Business

Try these approaches to bring SaaS spend under management without disrupting the business.

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A Simple Guide to SaaS Vendor Management in 2023

How to build a successful, long-lasting strategy for managing SaaS vendors.


Reduce SaaS Waste Up to 33% With This Cost Optimization Framework

Want to be smarter about how you spend on SaaS apps? This Cost Optimization Framework powered by SaaS Intelligence™ has you covered.

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Control Your SaaS Spend: What Has Companies Wasting up to $40M Annually

Today, cloud technologies make up 58% of application software spend, a number that’s only growing.


IT Cost Optimization Strategies: Why the Future Hinges on Effective SaaS Management

The worldwide enterprise application software market will grow to reach $421B in 2025.

SaaS Portfolio Optimization

5 Steps to Optimize Your SaaS Portfolio for the Perfect Fit

Is your SaaS portfolio bursting at the seams? Managing SaaS is a bit like being a tailor. For years, IT has been letting out the seams of the SaaS portfolio…

SaaS Intelligence Benchmark Series: How Covid and Hybrid Work Have Transformed SaaS Adoption

SaaS Intelligence Benchmark Series: 4 Ways Covid Has Transformed SaaS Adoption

How has Covid changed SaaS adoption among teams and industries? We took a look in our latest SaaS Intelligence Benchmark Series blog.

Employee App Experience: Productiv AppCenter

Elevate Your Employee App Experience from Discovery to Provisioning

Does your company’s employee app experience meet expectations? Productiv’s AppCenter puts employee needs first while reducing IT’s burden.

12 SaaS statistics to know in 2023

12 SaaS Statistics That Every IT Manager Should See in 2023

How much time does your IT team spend on managing your SaaS applications? Do you have any SaaS statistics to compare with? We hear from many companies that the challenges…

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Productiv Customer Newsletter: March 2022

In the March 2022 edition of our customer newsletter, we highlight Custom Dashboards, our Elastic License Management add-on, and more

Automate license management

Take Back Your Weekends with Automated License Management

Learn more about the challenges of manual license management and how Productiv went about solving these pain points for our customers.

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