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Productiv + Box: A deeper look at the power of this integration

Productiv + Box: A deeper look at the power of this integration

Box, along with a number of leading collaboration platforms, is key to what many organizations consider to be a transformative moment in how they enable their people to get work done. And even though Box has been a boon to employee collaboration and provided a centralized location for the content at the heart of every-day work, many organizations struggle to drive adoption and understand the value delivered.

Understanding how users engage with an app is critical to understanding the value that app delivers. But what do we mean by this?  Engagement is what happens after someone logs in. By going beyond binary insights like “did my team log in to this app,” engagement analytics leverage feature-level visibility into an application to help business technology leaders accurately measure adoption, track the use of features that signify collaboration, and find where saas redundancy is creating friction in employee workflows.

The customers we talk to about Box engagement typically ask for a few things:

  1. Show us how Box is being adopted
  2. Help us drive the use of Box collaboration features
  3. Show us redundant applications that Box can replace

Show us how Box is being adopted

Productiv looks at adoption in the context of a customer’s environment, segmenting adoption by team, geography, and device type, while also looking at applications that work in concert with Box. In this example we can see that many teams within this organization have a high level of Box engagement. The customer support team, however, is lower than expected. This targeted insight allows IT to focus their time and energy in the right place.

Help us drive the use of Box collaboration features 

Not all applications have the same collaboration capabilities, but Box and many other SaaS apps focus heavily on features that empower users to reach new levels of productivity. Business technology leaders need to ensure that teams are maximizing these benefits in order to drive the intended value from tools like Box. Given the volume of features, however, figuring out where to concentrate IT efforts is not trivial. To support this, Productiv gives organizations feature-level visibility into how apps are used. When coupled with the segmentation described above, it’s easy to focus collaboration analysis and quickly understand how to drive greater Box usage.

Show us redundant applications that Box can replace

How often do we hear or say “where does that file live?” or “where is that discussion happening?” Organizations have brought in hundreds of applications and face new challenges associated with the productivity friction in multiple tools that provide similar functionality, exacerbated by the lack of deep visibility into the value that applications provide. Productiv helps organizations measure and compare applications based on value, going far beyond looking at the “investment” side of the ROI equation. We help organizations see the “return” side as well. And with that, comparing applications that seem to do the same thing can create startling contrasts. At Productiv this is all about asking the right questions when it comes to how people are using applications.

We hope this gives you some more details about Productiv + Box. Are you attending BoxWorks in San Francisco this week? If so, stop by booth B21 to learn how Productiv application engagement analytics can drive better SaaS-related decisions for your organization. And, if you sign up for Productiv + Box at BoxWorks, you’ll also receive a $100 Amazon gift card with our compliments.