Productiv Insights: SaaS Management at Apttus

Apttus, an eCommerce optimization tool, was facing an after the fact SaaS renewal. Two weeks post the initial renewal date, their IT team received an invoice without time to prepare. “When we figured out we had to do this renewal, we had no insights into data, we had no insights into usage and we didn’t understand the license consumption,” explained Praniti Lakhwara, CIO at Apttus. The IT team had been relying on Excel spreadsheets to track SaaS usage and renewals – a manual, cumbersome process that didn’t allow for adequate planning. When their SaaS renewal arose, the team was without the data they needed to make an informed decision.

Choosing Productiv for rich engagement insights and data

As Apttus recognized the challenges they were juggling, they set out to do an evaluation on potential solutions and quickly landed on Productiv. Its in-depth engagement analytics were a major incentive to adopt the solution. “Having those out of the box connectors helped me to quickly get on board and get the real time data on our engagement,” said Chetna Mahajan, VP of Business Systems. Immediately, the team had an end to end view of their complete SaaS portfolio, allowing them to understand which contracts were in place and when renewals were up.

 SaaS management leads to reorganizing IT priorities and achieving cost savings

These days, Apttus considers Productiv a critical part of the organization’s IT priorities. Spreadsheets are no more, and access control, offboarding, provisioning and deprovisioning have become a breeze.

In fact, they recently evaluated an upcoming renewal for a 6-figure sales productivity tool contract. Using Productiv, Apttus was able to look at usage in detail and gather the data necessary for making a strategic renewal decision in seconds. “It was all in the dashboard. We were able to really, truly have a much more meaningful conversation with our vendor,” Lakhwara concluded. As a result, they were able to save 30% on their renewal.

“Productiv is key to realizing my priorities and my organization’s priorities from an IT perspective. Whether it’s our employee experience which matters a lot, being secure and compliant, and then really raising the bar of operational excellence and being able to financially prove it.” 

Praniti Lakhwara, CIO, Apttus

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