SaaS Management for the Modern CIO: Why I Joined Productiv

SaaS Management for the Modern CIO: Why I Joined Productiv

Last week, I joined Productiv as the Head of Sales and I am thrilled to join a company that is solving a real problem around SaaS Application Management. I am looking forward to building out an innovative and best in class field organization that is capable of consistent execution and is able to scale at lightning speed while delivering a red-carpet customer experience. I wanted to share a few reasons why I decided to join Productiv:

Disruption and Innovation

At my previous company, I led Digital Transformation programs for large companies like Symantec, IBM, and NCR, helping them double-down on the shift from traditional business models of perpetual license and maintenance to subscription-centric business models. This digital transformation trend powers the tectonic shift in the technology industry – the move from deploying on-premises applications to Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and ultimately, the shift from building internal applications to buying SaaS apps.

SaaS apps have been a boon to customers and employees, who can use these applications for anytime, anywhere access to work along with the ability to easily collaborate. But the sheer number of SaaS applications and the ease with which they can be purchased creates a massive influx of applications with an ever-growing unaccountable IT spend. For example, the sales organization may prefer to use Box for file sharing, but the engineering organization may have standardized on OneDrive, while individuals from across the company are buying personal licenses for Dropbox. The result is that many companies have a huge overlap of functionality within their SaaS applications and often purchase more SaaS licenses than they need.

This disruption has created a need for innovation in the way SaaS application portfolios, IT spend, renewals, and application adoption should be managed. This is where Productiv comes in. Productiv is the gold standard for using true application engagement analytics to empower IT leaders to drive better business decisions.

The Modern CIO

The problem I described above spans across every single industry – from tech to healthcare, financial services, transportation & logistics, food & agriculture – all of these companies have invested in SaaS applications for CRM, collaboration, design, file-sharing, video-conferencing, contract/document management, e-signature, etc. The great news is that the CIO community is rising to the challenge and taking ownership of what a true managed SaaS IT portfolio should look like. Modern CIOs want to empower different business units to continue to be agile. At the same time, they want to make it easy to standardize useful SaaS applications across the company, drive adoption across those apps, and cut the fat. These modern CIOs at companies like Uber, Equinix, Fox, Hashicorp, and other companies are doing this with Productiv. It’s exciting to be a part of a company providing these deep analytics to technology leaders to make stronger and better business decisions, and I look forward to working with more modern CIOs.

The Team 

Lastly, I joined Productiv because of the impressive pedigree of the founding team. What drew me to the team was Jody’s experience building Google Analytics for the Enterprise, Ashish’s technical vision for the product grounded in his experience leading engineering teams at companies like Postmates, Amazon, and eBay, and Munish’s sound experience leading operations at companies like LinkedIn and Equinix.

I couldn’t be more excited to join a company with founders who come from highly successful technology organizations. The second-to-none culture and values along with the top-tier investments from Accel, Norwest Venture Partners, and Okta Ventures are also a true sign of an up-and-coming unicorn.

I am incredibly grateful to be part of such a team and company and my plan is to build-out an unstoppable field sales organization that is focused on delivering an exceptional red-carpet customer experience.

If you’re interested in being a member of a world-class field organization that will help IT leaders rethink SaaS management, while building a professional path to leadership, please have a look at our job openings or reach out to me directly. We’re looking to bring on Enterprise AEs, Mid-Market AEs, SDRs, and SEs. This is a rocketship you won’t want to miss! 


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