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The Proof is in Productiv

During my career, I have seen the evolution of the SaaS business model. SaaS made it easy to adopt, by pricing it low and entering an enterprise through Shadow IT. Eventually, morphing into a fully managed Service for the Enterprise. At that stage the burden is on the CIO and their team to clearly articulate the value of the Service. Oftentimes the burden of this proof was unbearable because of the explosion of multiple SaaS services, making it much more difficult to get a clear value proposition of a particular service. This led to common exchanges like the one below:

“Tell me how my company is using your software,” was a phrase I heard early and often during my time working in various SaaS companies in the Bay Area.

“Well, I know that your legal team is using us to help work on their contracts.” I would posit. This was often met with head shaking.

“I know legal is using it. But can you tell me how all the other users that I’m paying for are, because I don’t believe we’re using it all that much.” I wish I could say this exchange was unique, but it was something that happened all too often.

When I was introduced to Productiv, there was an immediate eureka moment. Productiv makes the process of discovering the value of a service and enumerates it to the organization. Helping reinforce buying decisions, enablement, or a call to action for change.

Data is at the heart of everything we do at Productiv. We use our data analytics to help our customers drive strategic decisions. In my first 30 days, we’ve been able to use active engagement usage data–as opposed just using login data–to drive a number of initiatives for our customers. I’ve seen them save upwards of $100K in one renewal by right-sizing their deployments! I’ve also seen customers use our engagement data to run enablement campaigns on Best of Breed tools or help identify Shadow IT.

During these times of COVID, it’s especially reaffirming to see how our message is resonating with marquee customers like Zoom, Uber, Fox, and Okta (just to name a few.) But it’s not just about messaging, as one of our Core Values states, it’s about Delivering Results.