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TheWall Street Journal features Productiv

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Great to see the Wall Street Journal article yesterday featuring Productiv. The article “CIOs Crack Open the ‘Black Box’ of Employee Productivity” by Sara Castellanos outlined how IT leaders are turning to new tools and metrics to gauge the performance of their organizations. Sara spoke with our customer, Paul Cheesbrough of Fox, Inc. who articulately framed up the problem IT leaders face today in that myriad business software apps can create “a ton of complexity and confusion” for employees using the variety of apps at their disposal. Paul’s use of Productiv enables him “ which products individuals and employees have a lot of love for, versus go out of their way to avoid.”

We think that last part is actually a critical piece for IT — understanding true employee engagement in the cloud applications our customers have brought into the enterprise. Answering questions like:

“Are employees really using the feature that required an upgrade to the more expensive licensing tier?”

“Are there people that have stopped using an application whose licenses I should reclaim?”

“Do I have new applications coming into the enterprise that are duplicative to tools we’ve already standardized on and paid for?”

Through the answers to these questions we see that our customers are then able to make smart decisions about rightsizing and ongoing optimization. We also see a side benefit in talking with cloud application vendors who know that a more engaged individual user makes for a happier customer.

You can read the full Wall Street Journal article here, and we’d love to talk about the questions and use cases you’re facing that could benefit from application engagement insights. Please reach out if you’d like to chat.

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