Productiv Customer Newsletter: February 2022

Productiv Customer Newsletter: February 2022

Welcome to the Productiv Customer Newsletter! This month we’re sharing a number of product updates to Productiv’s Saas Intelligence Platform, Elastic License Management add-on, and AppCenter add-on. Keep scrolling to learn more about Productiv’s Beta Program and also access our latest must-read content!

Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform

SaaS Intelligence Platform: Labels and custom fields

Labels and Custom Fields

Gain more flexibility and control of your app data by adding up to 10 new custom app attributes of 5 different data types  (single select, multi select, text, number, and date). These new attributes enable you to fully enrich Productiv with any app data to meet your organization’s needs.

DID YOU KNOW? Productiv offers app portfolio benchmark data to help you optimize your app stack and overall user engagement. And only Productiv offers feature-level engagement benchmarks!

Elastic License Management

Built on the Productiv SaaS Intelligence Platform, Productiv’s Elastic License Management (ELM) add-on optimizes your SaaS spend by automating app license reclamation, downgrades, and harvesting. Here’s the latest functionality helping organizations proactively manage app licenses at scale:

Global exempt list

Global Exempt List

Automatically opt-out key users from automated deprovisioning workflows.

Employee app deprovisioning notifications via Slack

Employee App Deprovisioning Notifications via Slack

Give employees the opportunity to easily keep their licenses from being deprovisioned via Slack notifications.

New provisioning connectors for DocuSign and Zendesk

New Provisioning Connectors for DocuSign & Zendesk

Support automatic license provisioning and licensing changes directly in Productiv ELM.

DID YOU KNOW? Productiv’s in-app Renewal Calendar & Status Tracker helps organizations proactively manage and prepare for the constant flow of app renewals across their SaaS portfolio!

App Center

Built on the Productiv SaaS Intelligence Platform, Productiv’s AppCenter add-on automates the employee app request and fulfillment process while guiding employees with an on-demand, IT-curated smart list of pre-approved apps. Here is the latest functionality delivering on the ultimate personalized employee app fulfillment experience:

All-new UI for AppCenter

All-New UI

AppCenter now offers a more dynamic design, enhanced layout, and refined experience, delivering the app fulfillment experience employees expect.

Slack requestor notifications

Slack Requestor Notifications

Ensure employees are informed during every status change to their app requests.

Slack in-app approvals

Slack In-App Approvals

Enable admins to easily approve or decline app license requests directly from Slack.

In-app customizations

In-App Customizations

Enable admins to customize app categories, descriptions, and use-case details. Bulk uploads are available.

DID YOU KNOW? AppCenter supports app requests and custom approval workflows by license tiers.

Beta Program

Productiv's Beta Program

Interested in Productiv’s Beta Program?

We’d love to partner with you! Reach out to your rep now to learn more about the following available Beta Programs:

  • Platform: Custom Dashboards
  • AppCenter: Redesigned Email Notifications; Ticketing Connector Improvements
  • Elastic License Management: Automated License Offboarding

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