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Productiv + Zoom

Zoom uses Productiv to understand application and feature usage.


Zoom maximizes value and usage of SaaS tools using Productiv


  • Evaluating and Selecting New Tools
  • Application Visibility
  • Application Usage and Value


Productiv has helped IT and Finance oversee technology purchasing at
Zoom. Instead of 200+ row spreadsheets and wasted time trying to collect
data, the team can make faster decisions, make more informed application
purchases, and stay ahead of renewals.

Zoom is a market leader in video conferencing software and a majority of us consider it the standard for virtual meetings. The American company was founded in 2011 and aims to take collaboration and communication even further. Zoom’s mission is to make communications frictionless and secure.

As the company has grown, they have continued to improve processes and oversight. Zoom now has over 4,400 employees, requiring new levels of alignment and oversight. The company had a technology stack that was rapidly growing with over 250 SaaS applications, and IT and Finance wanted a better handle on what was needed.

Vik Shah, Corporate Controller, outlined the challenges: “As a finance leader, my primary goal is to ensure value i.e. tools we use are helping us be nimble and accelerate growth; a secondary goal is cost management. As we have scaled operations globally, I noticed we had many different SaaS apps - we did not really have a process in place to check if we needed all these tools.” The team wanted to find better ways to monitor these tools and maximize their value across the organization.

Full Application Visibility

Productiv provided a real-time dashboard of all SaaS applications, eliminating Zoom’s 200+ row spreadsheet. Now IT and Finance can feel confident in accurate numbers across the whole organization. The team has a full view of all applications and an important source of truth for evaluating new tools. Zoom instituted a Vendor Selection & Evaluation committee for Technology tools. Finance, Security, Legal and IT are all represented, and they use Productiv to validate if a new tool under consideration has overlapping functionality with existing tools.

Improve SaaS Process

The team leverages Productiv to streamline everything from renewals to data aggregation. In the past the team was spending significant time trying to collate and analyze data coming from multiple sources - Contracts, Finance ERP, Tool Admin dashboards. This was not scalable with 250+ SaaS applications and the team worried about contracts being renewed late. Now the team has a single-source of truth, renewal alerts, and processes in place. The result has been improved technology purchasing across the company and close partnership between IT and Finance.

Drive SaaS Value

Zoom uses Productiv to understand application and feature usage. For example, Finance and IT can review 2 overlapping Sales apps which solve the same use case and work with business owners to determine which one to de-provision. The company will continue to invest in SaaS applications, but they want to maximize the value of the tools. As Vik outlines: “Is there a way to ensure that at least 80-90% of the license count is being utilized regularly?” Productiv allows the team to review not only log-in information, but detailed feature usage and find ways to maximize adoption or move employees to new tools.

"For many tools, we had sometimes purchased more licenses than we were actually using. How do I justify that? Is there a way to ensure that at least 80-90% of the license count is being utilized regularly? Productiv helps provide that visibility across the full organization and a platform to help us manage our technology stack.”

Vik Shah, Zoom

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