IT Leadership in High Growth Companies


As the way many companies operate continues to be reshaped by Software as a Service, so does the role of IT. Today’s IT leaders are facing a new landscape of how technology solutions are selected, purchased, and implemented, as well as contending with the growing practice of Shadow IT. Modern software tools can be procured with just a credit card and no involvement from IT departments, which can lead to security and compliance risks, wasted budgets, and lack of systematization.

Further complicated by rapid organizational growth, these factors create unique challenges that underscore the need to establish procurement best practices, monitor technology costs, and gain clarity into the ever-growing portfolio of SaaS products, all while allowing innovation to thrive.

Here’s a closer look at how five IT leaders in high-growth companies are approaching the way they manage SaaS within their organizations.

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Procurement’s Guide to SaaS Cost Optimization

Procurement’s Guide to SaaS Cost Optimization


A Practical Guide to SaaS Cost Optimization