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“An important focus for the modern enterprise is ensuring people are brought together to easily collaborate. Beyond just selecting the best tool for each need, engagement data is required to understand and optimize how people are working together.

Productiv is the first partner to provide us with real-time application engagement insights, so we can focus on unlocking enterprise value.”


“Productiv has helped us rightsize annual cost over 30% on our largest applications by providing deep engagement insights.

Now we’re using Productiv to understand and improve collaboration across teams.”

Ramesh Sethuraman, VP Finance


“Being capital efficient is a key priority for me. We’re using Productiv to rightsize our SaaS applications based on employee usage patterns.

Productiv has the potential to provide real-time application engagement data that could result in material savings in our run rate.

We now understand not just whether applications are being used, but how they’re being used.”

Milind Wagle, CIO

“My charter is to apply next generation technologies to improve Equinix operations.

The Productiv team has been phenomenal to engage with, providing us in-depth insights in to how our employees are leveraging SaaS applications.

Productiv enables us to identify overlapping usage of similar SaaS apps in collaboration and content management.”

Tom Banola, Sr. Director, Innovation

Productiv customer interviewed in Wall Street Journal

WSJ cio journal



Findings from IT research report “SaaS Application MANAGEMENT”


Nearly all IT leaders see managing SaaS applications as a business priority


But less than half of IT leaders are confident they know all the SaaS applications in use at their companies


And few IT leaders have the metrics they need to measure SaaS application engagement

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