Real-Time SaaS Engagement Insights

Improve efficiency. Optimize costs. Drive effectiveness. Unlock value.

SaaS Value Assessment

Is your enterprise getting the value you expected from your SaaS applications?

Find out through a SaaS Value Assessment from Productiv.



License agreements

Expense reports

Login tracking


Contract renewals

Redundancy savings

Reclaiming licenses


Usage insights

Feature engagement

Benchmark metrics


Teams & Locations

View collaboration

Business impact

Application Discovery

One view of your apps

  • Manage application licenses, costs, and renewals
  • Application purchases extracted from contracts, finance, and expense systems
  • Application logins tracked through SSO platforms and app activity

Application Rightsizing

Optimize your app costs

  • Improve contract renewals based on real-time usage and engagement levels
  • Identify application redundancy and savings opportunities
  • Automatically reclaim licenses with configurable rules and white lists


Application engagement

Real-time data

  • Understand application engagement by team, location and dynamic custom segments
  • Identify feature level engagement with applications
  • Compare metrics to internal teams and to industry benchmarks


Application Productivity

Unlock business value

  • Identify application redundancy by engagement
  • Understand collaboration by teams and locations
  • Identify best practices to drive productivity



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