Renewal request stage in Productiv's App Procurement Hub dashboard

Data-driven app procurement

Improve software procurement with trusted insights

Bring teams together with automated, data-driven workflows that remove the friction from buying and renewing software.


Pricing benchmarks

Recommend and benchmark SaaS license spend

Validate SaaS license costs against pricing benchmarks and receive license recommendations for a stronger negotiating position.

SaaS app dashboard showing SaaS procurement recommendations on license cost
The workflow builder dashboard of the App Procurement Hub

Procurement workflows

Streamline software procurement

Automate processes, assess vendor risk, align stakeholders across multiple departments, and collaborate in Slack using two-way updates to speed up reviews and approvals.

Vendor & contract management

Manage all contracts in one place

Easily view contract information such as application, licenses, end date, auto-renewal, and more. Get the complete picture of contracts and spend with your vendors and resellers.

SaaS contract management dashboard with details on term spend and auto renews.
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When I initially saw the demo for Productiv, I thought, 'Can they really give me all my supplier, contract, and engagement data in one system?' When I started seeing Productiv insights and recommendations a short time after connecting my systems, the answer was a resounding 'YES.'"

Linda Chuan, Head of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Operations, Box

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