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Why Productiv​

SaaS management powered by application engagement analytics

Manage your SaaS applications and maximize their value in a way that is right for your business, your people, and your budget.

56% of enterprise IT teams still rely on manual, error-prone and frequently outdated spreadsheets and internal tools for SaaS management.

Even enterprise IT and finance teams which adopted legacy SaaS
Management Platforms are limited to managing applications that have seen recent user activity or a purchase transaction.

How do you go beyond just understanding some log-in activity to understanding where your employees are seeing value? How can your SaaS renewal planning be driven by real-time data about usage? How do you make smarter decisions to rationalize when there are overlapping applications in your company? How can you encourage adoption of your approved applications and understand what your employees want for their productivity?

Productiv helps you with SaaS Management so that you can answer these questions using the power of Application Engagement Analytics.

What is Application Engagement Analytics?

Application Engagement Analytics help you understand how your users are actually interacting with and using applications. There can be over 50 dimensions of engagement. Productiv builds custom connectors to SaaS applications to collect, analyze and use engagement insights. This helps you go beyond user logins and single sign-on (SSO) data and understand what applications are being used and when, what features are being used, trends on usage (by team or location etc), and other engagement insights.

Findings From IT Research Report “SaaS Application Management”

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Nearly all IT leaders see managing SaaS applications as a business priority
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But less than half of IT leaders are confident they know all the SaaS applications in use at their companies
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And few IT leaders have the metrics they need to measure SaaS application engagement

“Innovation is at the heart of Uber’s culture, and SaaS applications accelerate innovation by providing our employees a seamless collaboration experience no matter where in the world they are located.

Feature-level visibility into SaaS application engagement gives organizations a complete picture of how employees use applications to do their jobs, enabling them to focus adoption efforts on the applications that drive maximum value.”

Shobhana Ahluwalia, Head of IT


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Application Engagement Analytics

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Get data and insights to maximize the business value of applications

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