Application Engagement Analytics

Visualize, rationalize, and maximize the value of your SaaS application portfolio


Productiv analyzes more than 50 application engagement dimensions. This makes it possible for IT teams to analyze, drive, and improve their portfolio based on how people use applications to get their work done.


See all applications and get contextual insights about use


Continuously evaluate the cost and effectiveness of your applications


Get data and insights to maximize the business value of applications


Track, analyze, and see benchmarks on everything from cost to adoption for your entire SaaS application portfolio in real time

  • Discover applications from a single console
  • Find wasteful application spend
  • Understand application engagement at the feature level by team, location, and dynamic custom segments
  • Forecast future application use


Drive changes in your business through automated workflows that allow IT to focus on strategic work

  • Manage spend based on actual application use
  • Make informed decisions about application redundancy
  • Justify renewals and license tier decisions



Prove whether your business is getting the intended value from applications

  • Drive engagement and set application-specific goals for adoption and collaboration
  • Use industry benchmarks to inform decisions
  • Identify feature-level engagement with applications
  • Compare metrics to internal teams and to industry benchmarks

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