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Productiv vs. Zip: One platform to do more

Productiv is the only platform that orchestrates your core systems and data into no-code workflows. A single platform for spend data and insights, that enables cross functional collaboration, and seamless workflows for action. Finally, a new kind of Spend Management.

Identify app overlap at the user, team and department level
All spend data – including shadow and credit card spend in one location, on one platform to power intelligent spend decisions
Unbiased benchmarking to guide your purchase decisions
License rightsizing to enable reclamation and protect budgets
Discover app usage at the user, team, and department level
Integrations with critical ERP & P2P systems connect your critical systems to one central location, tracking all spend activity
Real-time collaboration with Slack and Teams bidirectional integrations
Contract ingestion services team to elevate contract level metadata
No code purchase workflows
Outsourced procurement services
No code supplier workflows for seamless and streamlined onboarding

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3 reasons the leading enterprises choose the Productiv platform over competitors

Consolidate all of your purchasing tools while leveraging data fed directly into your workflows.

One platform, backed by data, to manage all your purchasing needs - from licensing to compliance tracking to renewals and more.

Remove the guesswork from purchasing with automated insights.

Turn transactional interactions into collaborative spend decisions and informed actions.

Track all spend, receive app recommendations, automate licensing, and have peace of mind with benchmarking.

Your data is only as good as what you do with it, make it work(flows) for you.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Discover how Productiv delivers an investment payback in less than 6 months.

“For many tools, we had purchased more licenses than we were actually using. How do I justify that? Is there a way to ensure that at least 80-90% of the license count is being utilized regularly? Productiv helps provide that visibility across the full organization and a platform to help us manage our technology stack.”

Ashwin Ballal
Ashwin Ballal

VP of IT, Medallia

license cost reduction
reduced time spent on renewals
return on investment achieved

Don’t just take it from us