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Productiv vs. Zylo

Productiv is the only Spend Management Platform that is integrated into your core operating systems, bringing you data infused with AI that empowers collaboration, and helps you take action with no-code workflows that scale. From managing purchases and renewals, to SaaS and Vendor management, get the answers you need to make smart decisions about how you spend. It's time to go beyond basic SaaS Management.

Why leading enterprises choose the Productiv Platform

Feature-level app engagement data informs license tiering insights; compliance tracking for enterprise-grade security

Process automation and an intuitive UI alleviate the manual burden

Personalized app recommendations through an employee portal with approval and provisioning workflows enhance employee experience and drive app adoption

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  • Shadow app discovery based on proprietary ML algorithms
  • CASB integration
  • Real-time feature-level insights across 65+ engagement connectors
  • Automated renewal calendar with price benchmarks
  • Dashboard view of app compliance across 7 industry standards
  • Compare and benchmark by app, team, and custom user segment
  • App access portal leverages engagement data to recommend apps by role and team
  • Employee-facing app discovery and automated request UX via the employee app access portal
  • Up and running with value delivery in 2-4 weeks on average
  • Enterprise-grade security and stability; SOC 2 Type 2 Compliant


  • Shadow app discovery relies on manual verification
  • No CASB integration
  • Primarily leverages last-login data for insights
  • Renewal reporting is largely manual
  • No security certification or compliance tracking
  • No app overlap comparison feature
  • No machine learning–enabled app recommendations
  • Lacks automated app request fulfillment
  • Onboarding can take months
  • Limited detail around commitment to external security controls
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For many tools, we had purchased more licenses than we were actually using. How do I justify that? Is there a way to ensure that at least 80-90% of the license count is being utilized regularly? Productiv helps provide that visibility across the full organization and a platform to help us manage our technology stack.

Vik Shah
Vik Shah

Corporate Controller