SaaS Value Assessment

Is your enterprise getting the value you expected from your SaaS applications?

Find out through a SaaS Value Assessment from Productiv.

Why is Productiv offering this assessment?

Enterprises have placed big bets on SaaS for collaboration, mobile workstyles, ease of deployment, and of best-of-breed capabilities. Said another way—SaaS applications are deployed to make enterprises more productive.

Is that bet paying off? The business expects IT to know.

Productiv has answers

Productiv gives IT the answer to these questions so that they can take strategic ownership of their entire SaaS portfolio from a single, purpose-built platform.

Productiv answers questions like:

  1. How are people collaborating?
  2. How many people are using premium features?
  3. Where should we focus our training efforts to improve engagement?
  4. Does engagement change based on geography, team, device type, feature, activity, and license-tier level?

And more. Most SaaS Value Assessments provide 7 to 10 findings and recommendations from Productiv. This is driven by the number of apps and volume of use during the assessment period.

Ready to start? Follow 3 simple steps:

1. Request Assessment

 Qualified enterprises must have over 500 employees and multiple SaaS applications.

2. Schedule Kick-Off

Identify 2-3 SaaS apps to assess. During the kickoff call, you will connect these apps to the Productiv platform.

3. See Results

Productiv gathers engagement data for 30 days and then reviews the assessment results with your team.

“We’re using Productiv to rightsize our SaaS applications based on employee usage patterns.”

– Milind Wagle, CIO,

“Productiv has helped us rightsize annual cost over 30% on our largest applications by providing deep engagement insights.”

– Ramesh Sethuraman, VP Finance

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