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Sidekick, Productiv’s AI assistant is now available for all users.

(PALO ALTO, Calif., – March 18, 2024) – Productiv, the leader in spend management, today unveiled its AI assistant, Sidekick. More than just an average chatbot, Sidekick is the no-cost, implementation free, accelerator that works to help users harness the full power of their data and the Productiv Platform. Users can talk to Sidekick like they would a coworker, whether they’re looking for data and intelligent insights, or complex analysis to further develop their spend management strategy.

“Productiv’s foundation is data and the associated AI applications — we believe that better decisions and better business outcomes happen when teams align around data, and when they are able to collaborate using workflows that are tailored to how the organization operates,” said Jody Shapiro, CEO and co-founder of Productiv. “Without data, it’s difficult to coalesce around a decision, and gathering the right information can often be time-consuming weeks of effort. With Sidekick, teams have the real-time answers they need at their fingertips to make high quality, data based decisions.”

One of the biggest roadblocks teams face today is knowing and understanding the information they need in order to make a decision around their spend, but being unable to access it quickly, efficiently, and in a digestible manner. This results in time wasted in follow up meetings, ambiguous and tedious tasks, and an overall lack of clarity. Building on Productiv’s existing capabilities, Sidekick is the solution that teams have been waiting for.

“Sidekick empowers every Productiv user with the data and intelligence they need so they can focus on what really matters; collaboration, strategic decisions, and measurable outcomes,” said Shaprio. “Sidekick delivers all this, and the actionable recommendations teams and organizations need to not just move at the speed of business, but to set the pace.”

Interacting with Sidekick provides instant access to easy to understand, personalized responses. From digestible data and relevant insights, to running complex analysis and providing intelligent recommendations, Sidekick enables you and your teams to focus on moving your spend decisions forward.

To discover more about Sidekick’s capabilities, visit here.

About Productiv
Productiv is the only Spend Management Platform that is integrated into your core operating systems, bringing you data infused with AI that empowers collaboration, and helps you take action with no-code workflows that scale. From managing purchases and renewals, to SaaS and Vendor management, get the answers you need to make smart decisions about how you spend. Founded in 2018 and backed by Accel, IVP and Norwest Venture Partners, Productiv helps Procurement, Finance, IT, and business leaders to align around trusted data, get AI powered insights, collaborate, make smarter decisions, and have confidence in every investment, at scale. To learn more about Productiv, click here.