Productiv + AI

The future of Productivity.

Reimagine spend management with Producitv’s AI.  Directly integrated into your core operating systems, get intuitive access to information, understand your portfolio more deeply, and have confidence to make better spend decisions, faster.

Answers at your fingertips

Get instantaneous access to the answers you need, without spending time looking for them. From comprehensive data and insights, to precise analysis and recommendations, Sidekick enables you to set the pace for the speed of business.

Built with all users in mind

You don’t need to be a power user for Productiv to have an impact. Whether you’re new to the platform, or have spent years diving into every function, Productiv AI levels the playing field and learns with you.

Make your data work for you

Your data is only as good as what you do with it. We know you’re busy; get time back with insights that are ready for action. Productiv AI puts you at the forefront so you can be empowered to get things done.


Meet your new favorite coworker

Sidekick is Productiv’s AI assistant.

It’s here to help you bring your productivity to the next level, simplify how you receive data and analytics, and help you better understand your ultimate source of truth for all things spend.


How Productiv AI works

From the moment a new purchase is initiated, to managing a growing portfolio, through to
renewing contracts with the right information at your fingertips, Productiv AI is by your side to
bring you and your teams the intelligence they need.

Intelligent App Recommendations
App Discovery
Unified Spend Intelligence

Interactive Intelligence with Sidekick

  • Access to the answers you need in a single step so you can forego the follow-up meeting
  • Intelligent analysis in a conversational sequence with recommendations for action
  • Spend decisions made easier with insights from your integrated spend, contract, usage, and governance data
  • Streamlined productivity by aligning all users around the same data

Intelligent App Recommendations

  • Get personalized recommendations for existing apps in your portfolio
  • Sidekick can provide user with suggestions for what tools they will need based on their function
  • Productiv will advise on applications based on their compliance and security status

App Discovery

  • Get an instant, unified look into your portfolio to understand which applications teams are using
  • Sidekick can provide additional information around an application's business case
  • Discover Shadow IT to reduce redundancies and crossover

Unified Spend Intelligence

  • Get a holistic view of your spend - from SaaS to services - in one place
  • Automatically updated vendor and contract details can be gathered and analyzed by Sidekick
  • Get updated early on missing details to ensure you never miss a renewal


  • Always know you are purchasing the right amount for your business needs, at the right price
  • Sidekick will provide future recommendations based on your usage trends
  • Negotiations made smoother with actionable, and updated data

What excites me about Sidekick is that it's a great way to allow all different teams to make the same discoveries. It allows them to do so very quickly through natural language and the prompts help to understand what's happening, when it's convenient for them.

Chris Johnson
Director of Technology Adoption, UTA

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Don’t settle for less.

Procure with ease

Achieve scalable best-in-class purchasing through intelligent integrations, intuitive workflows and automated data. Quickly procure the tools you need while maintaining governance.

Manage with intelligence

One platform for everything you have. Get visibility into what you own, data for how it’s being used, manage app access with ease, and automate action that delivers outcomes.

Renew with confidence

Never miss a renewal. Get smart recommendations, negotiation insights with benchmarks, and seamlessly integrate with your core business systems for fast collaboration.

All together now.

People. Systems. Data. Answers. One unified platform.

Automate. Align. Take Action.


The demands on Procurement are growing rapidly. You deserve to be armed with tools that empower you to be effective and efficient. Gone are the days of spreadsheets, missing data, and siloed decisions. With Productiv, you can:

  • Automate: Provide self-service models while maintaining governance to policy & process with no-code workflows
  • Align: Bring all players to the Procurement table, around one source of truth for data powered decisions
  • Action: Make quick spend decisions based on reliable, non-biased data and recommendations
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Discover. Mitigate. Create Impact.

IT & Security

Today, there are more apps, more spend, and more time spent managing software portfolios. As visibility decreases, risk increases. You need easy visibility into every app and every purchase, and to understand exactly how your portfolio is being leveraged. With Productiv, you can:

  • Discover: Automatically discover with one 360 degree real-time view of your entire portfolio
  • Mitigate: Leverage no-code workflows to ensure you review requests before purchase
  • Create Impact: Save time, execute audits, and avoid risk with an intelligent understanding of app usage, and data-informed rightsizing
Save. Strategize. See ROI.


Finance is often forced to be reactive with procurement. Requests come in late and half-baked, preventing you from being strategic with budget and planning. This rushed motion results in the same question: "what did we leave on the table?" With Productiv, you can:

  • Save: Validate the right price with benchmarking and unbiased AI recommendations for renewals
  • Strategize: Plan for the future with complete spend transparency, automated reminders, and a central source of truth
  • See ROI: Know how your teams are using your portfolio to maximize ROI from each and every purchase
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Know. Collaborate. Get Productiv.

One team

Getting what you need to do your job can be cumbersome. The processes, the systems, the budgets. What if there was one place to get what you need, when you need it, while meeting you in the systems where you work? Now, that’s Productiv:

  • Know: With intelligent insights and AI powered recommendations, you'll know what you need to know to make a purchase or access an app – none of the fluff
  • Collaborate: Work alongside your teammates and colleagues with easy to use integrations and workflows that meet you in your most critical systems
  • Get Productiv: Leave the heavy lifting to no-code workflows and remove yourself from the back and forth, allowing you to focus on getting your job done