Productiv offers license automation for Okta

Introducing Automated License Management for Okta: Automate Deprovisioning and Downgrades

Would you be surprised to learn that 55% of SaaS licenses remain unused in most IT organizations? Typically, IT lacks visibility into if and how employees are using applications beyond logging in — making it challenging to effectively manage access and licensing across hundreds of tools. Productiv’s automated license management streamlines the process for Okta customers and helps businesses maximize the value of their SaaS portfolio. 

We’re proud to be a premier Okta partner, and we’ve collaborated with them on a custom solution for license management: Elastic License Management. Now, no matter how you architect your provisioning in Okta, we can help you automate license deprovisioning and downgrades based on usage data.

Streamline workflows for complex provisioning rules

Most companies have over 250 SaaS applications, and team members require different types of access to each app. Factor in the various license tiers specific to every tool, and your IT team can end up with hundreds of different rules to manage license provisioning and deprovisioning. Which users get Zoom Basic versus Zoom Pro? How are you tracking usage for each? 

Okta groups can help streamline provisioning in multiple ways, from rules with single-app groups, team-based groups, and comprehensive options for System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) and Just-in-time (JIT) provisioning. 

This is a great first step, and we wanted to layer on additional details to ensure all of those licenses are being used by employees. Our new update adds important functionality for license management:

  • License allocation based on real-time feature usage data
  • Data integration with Okta to update provisioning rules
Create specific provisioning rules by group to easily manage licenses

“Productiv provides a critical layer of insights on how employees are using SaaS applications at PagerDuty. This new feature allows us to automatically update our Okta workflows with usage data and maximize the value of our SaaS. Now we can easily set up rules if someone isn’t using a license, and remove access in Productiv and Okta automatically.”

Gary Dowler, Senior Manager Technical Operations at PagerDuty

Manage licenses based on usage

How many times has an employee asked for an app and then only used it once? Probably a lot, but IT often lacks visibility into in-app employee behaviors. Even if you set up (JIT) or single-app groups in Okta, you still can end up with inefficient usage of licenses.

automated license management with Productiv
Set up automated provisioning workflows in Productiv for Okta

With Productiv’s Elastic License Management, you can set up automated workflows and alerts to help you manage your licenses. If someone has not used an application or premium features in the last 60 days, you can create an alert or even automatically deprovision their account.

Tight data integration with Okta

We know IT bandwidth is constrained, and we want to ensure that all of your tools and platforms work together seamlessly. We worked closely with Okta to integrate our data and ensure the systems communicate properly with one another. If we deprovision via Productiv, that means a user will be removed from the app group in Okta as well — and not get re-provisioned the next time they log in to the Okta portal. 

Okta rules are critical in rolling out applications across teams and the organization. We’ve ensured that any changes on the Productiv side are mirrored in Okta, so you can get rich insights from Productiv while still leveraging Okta provisioning and security.

The benefits of automated license management

Our goal is to help you maximize the value of your SaaS portfolio, and the partnership with Okta is an important step. In the past you may have faced challenges around wasted licenses, lost hours to manual processes, or expensive custom scripts. Our new feature makes it easier for IT to get real-time visibility into employee app usage at the feature level and automate license management. 

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