Productiv’s Intern Class of 2021: Meet Our Protons!

Protons are what we call Productiv interns because they are “not yet full-time atoms but are all very positive!” 

Productiv welcomed 20 Protons (1 highschooler, 5 MBA candidates, 14 undergraduate students) to help out the engineering, sales, bizops, and recruiting teams for the summer of 2021. Our Protons represent 17 different schools including Brown, Stanford, Northwestern, Harvard, and more. 

Interns have been a critical part of our success. From the summer of 2020 intern class, 5 interns joined us full-time this year and 4 rejoined us for a second internship this year. We are excited to have yet another incredibly strong intern class with us this summer! We are grateful to be able to hire such high-caliber interns, and we care a lot about their success here. Every Proton is matched with a mentor for additional guidance and support on the projects they will be working on.

We spoke to our Protons to learn more about them, and they had insightful things to say about joining the Productiv team.

Why did you choose to work at Productiv?

Adarsh Suresh

I really enjoyed my interview experience with how personal and engaging my conversations were. I felt like Productiv really wanted to get to know me rather than just being another candidate they were waiting for a response from. I was also attracted to the startup culture and knew that my work would make an impact.

Megan Thai
I had always been interested in the tech industry and was looking for an opportunity to further grow and develop my skills. Additionally, the company values aligned with my own and I felt like I connected with my interviewers. All of these factors made me feel like a fit for the role and company.

What are you looking forward to learning this summer?

Jessica Scruggs
I am excited to see directly how marketing strategies drive pipelines through the business in a startup and look forward to working with everyone on my team to do so.

Micah Yong
I’m excited to apply what I’ve learned in school, such as databases and operating systems, to industry problems at work!

What are you hoping to get out of your internship?

Ruchi Gupta
From my internship, I hope to get more clarity around (1) how startups function, (2) the types of roles or responsibilities I would like in a full-time job, (3) how to scale companies, and (4) what strong leadership and mentorship looks like.

Andrew Gies
I’m hoping to get to know Productiv (and have Productiv get to know me). This is an opportunity for me to take what I’ve learned across school and previous internships, apply what I know, learn what “the important parts” are, and discover ways to improve.

We also have two returning Protons at Productiv that can give more insight into what it has been like working at a fast-paced startup, as well as the experience of a new Proton that recently joined.

How has your experience been like working at Productiv?

Nilay Thummar
I have absolutely loved my time at Productiv, both last summer and this one. The team is extremely helpful and will help you in any way they can. The pace is also rapid, yet manageable, allowing you to maximize your contributions to the product while minimizing wasted potential.

Justin Lim
The work culture here is amazing. Productiv has done a great job welcoming interns and new hires, getting us up to speed quickly, and giving everyone the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to the company.

Anna Dai
I’ve felt super supported so far at Productiv by the other interns and engineers! Mistakes are welcome for the sake of learning and success is celebrated warmly. Either way, I have felt very encouraged to continue growing as an engineer and as a person here.

We care a great deal about providing our Protons with the best possible experience and do so by regularly organizing game nights, hangouts, virtual coffee chats, and poker Fridays to give each Proton time to socialize and chat. 

We are extremely excited to see everyone grow into the professionals that they aspire to become and the impact they will have on Productiv. 

Productiv is always looking for fantastic candidates and interns to join our rapidly growing team. Take a look at the open roles on our careers page to see if we have an opening for you, or email us at [email protected]!