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Save more than 30% on your next SaaS renewal

Save more than 30% on your next SaaS renewal

It doesn’t have to be this way. Your IT budget is precious, and your time even more so. Here are four ways your team can spend less time and save more money on your next renewal.

1. Use a SaaS renewal calendar: never miss an auto-renewal again

A renewal calendar enables easy visualization of upcoming renewals so that you know exactly what’s coming up and when. This helps you prep and prioritize accordingly without surprises:

  • $250k contract coming up in 90 days? You know that’s going to be a heavy lift, so let’s start getting ready for that today and look at detailed engagement data and usage levels by feature tier.
  • $15k contract coming up in 30 days? Let’s not waste too much time over-preparing for that one, and just gather the basic engagement data and pricing.

Tracking the right windows for negotiation, including with upcoming auto-renewals, is critical for preventing ugly surprises.

“With Productiv’s calendaring feature, what’s been amazing is getting that 30, 60, 90 day view of what’s coming… so I can better prepare myself with very deep analytics of the usage patterns before I talk to the vendor. And I think that’s really one of the big keys for us, is understanding what our true use case is to better shape the conversation and then keep Finance aware that these things are coming.”
Jim Fazzone, VP of IT, HashiCorp.

2. Centralize all your SaaS contract data in one place

Quick – how many different Salesforce license tiers do you have? What are you paying for each tier? How many licenses within each tier are actually being used? What are the cancellation terms?

In order to answer those seemingly simple questions, you probably would have had to check in lots of different places. This data is likely spread across several PDF contracts, a bunch of messy spreadsheets, and an uncustomizable admin dashboard.

Having all your contract data centralized in an easy-to-read, easy-to-consume place ensures that you don’t waste time digging around for all the right details in order to prepare for your next vendor negotiation. Everything sits at your fingertips with one click, even those pesky and often forgotten auto-renewal and early termination clauses.

A centralized system of record coupled with renewal planning drives stronger collaboration across IT, Finance, Procurement, and Line-of-Business owners. Renewal planning is a deeply collaborative process that involves several functional owners – a single source of truth brings everyone together in one place and on one timeline. Drive better conversations and make stronger collective decisions off of the same source of data.

“Historically, we’ve been managing our apps through spreadsheets, shared calendars, Google drive documents…Finance will have one version of this spreadsheet, IT will have another version, and then the business owners and the budget owners will have a different version. You’ve also got contract repositories that aren’t unified, cohesive, or centralized. We have a centralized view with Productiv, which allows us to make global decisions. There’s a real cohesive workflow for us now.”
Ashraf Monzur, VP of Global IT, Cheetah Digital