Dashboard comparing apps by overlapping users for spend management decisions

Collaborative spend management

Align for higher quality SaaS spend decisions

Save up to 35% across your SaaS portfolio by pairing spend insights with rightsizing recommendations to optimize SaaS costs.


Spend analytics & allocation

Get deeper SaaS spend insights

Gain a holistic view of SaaS spend across your portfolio. Then drill down to understand spend by app, vendor, category, and employee.

Teams and users dashboard shoeing provisioned spend by users
SaaS app dashboard showing the number of provisioned licenses, licenses, and renewal recommendations

Rightsizing recommendations

Identify SaaS cost optimization opportunities

Receive automated recommendations to best optimize SaaS spend based on employee app engagement to avoid license waste and costly true-ups.

Budgeting & planning

Plan your SaaS portfolio investments together

Align on current SaaS spend allocation and plan for future app and license needs with the help of engagement data, pricing benchmarks, and planning system integrations.

SaaS app dashboard showing contract price and current usage metrics
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For many tools, we had sometimes purchased more licenses than we were actually using. How do I justify that? Is there a way to ensure that at least 80-90% of the license count is being utilized regularly? Productiv helps provide that visibility across the full organization and a platform to help us manage our technology stack."

Corporate Controller, Zoom

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