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Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform Is Here

I’m excited to share that today we’re introducing an enhanced version of Productiv: the SaaS Intelligence Platform. Our SaaS Intelligence Platform is uniquely designed to address critical issues that today’s enterprises face around ensuring SaaS visibility and governance, increasing operational velocity, and delivering a great employee experience.

We decided to embark on this journey after hearing from CIOs about how this unprecedented time of upheaval is impacting their organizations. The pandemic, a remote/hybrid workforce, and talent shortages have created the perfect storm for companies.

During this time of need, CIOs are stepping up and helping to redefine the employee experience. While the responsibility of creating an engaging employee experience spans across all members of the C-suite, the CIO owns and delivers the digital aspects of that experience.

Now, more than ever, CIOs must prioritize enhancing the digital employee experience — or risk losing their talent.

The employee-centric movement is now

Talent shortages and the ‘Great Resignation’ are severely constraining enterprise growth, with the situation expected to linger in the coming years. As a result, it’s imperative that CIOs deliver a world-class digital employee experience to attract and retain their best talent. Gartner research shows that enterprises with superior digital employee experiences see a 53% increase in the number of high-performing employees.

A company’s SaaS portfolio is pivotal to delivering an engaging experience for employees — and ensuring those employees want to stick around. But the digital employee experience is currently suffering due to unwieldy SaaS portfolios comprising hundreds of apps (many of which are purchased outside of IT and lack governance). Fragmentation and a lack of collaboration are leading to frustrated employees who don’t have the right tools to do their best work.

There’s a clear opportunity for CIOs to be the heroes in their companies by ensuring the employee experience is a delightful and personalized one. Yet the path for CIOs to deliver a satisfactory digital employee experience at scale is not straightforward. CIOs and IT teams need a new, more efficient operational model that:

  • Delivers personalized experiences to all employees using real-time data
  • Automates SaaS operations and integrates with existing IT systems
  • Enables proactive governance by leveraging machine learning

The question from CIOs is: which vendor can they partner with to successfully execute this operational realignment?

Introducing SaaS Intelligence

We believe that, much like business intelligence, companies need intelligence about their application portfolio so they can make informed decisions. Enterprises should be able to leverage granular, real-time data from across their company’s critical apps to get predictions and recommendations about how to deliver the best business outcomes.

That’s why we’re pioneering this new data-driven approach, called SaaS Intelligence, to help CIOs build a stronger and more personalized digital employee experience. SaaS Intelligence pulls together billions of data points from employee SaaS usage and delivers smart, actionable insights. Our platform’s proprietary machine learning models enable CIOs to provide better governance, increase operational velocity, and improve employee satisfaction.

Why SaaS Intelligence?

Effective SaaS management is impossible without the right data foundation, and we observed that no vendor in the market was addressing this adequately. This core insight drove the creation of Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform, which is natively designed to capture the right data and uses machine learning to run a fundamentally smarter business. This data-driven approach helps IT teams achieve new levels of proactive governance, operational velocity, and employee experience personalization.

Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform empowers CIOs to unlock productivity at work by driving:

Improved app visibility and compliance

Instantly detect “ungoverned” apps in the IT environment and maintain an app portfolio system of record that’s always up to date. Proactively receive alerts on app compliance infractions and drifts.

Higher cost efficiency across the app portfolio

Get customized recommendations for optimizing app spend. Our platform also ingests vendor contracts and automatically tracks app usage. In addition, our proprietary app engagement benchmarks help IT teams better understand user behaviors.

Increased employee personalization via machine learning

Productiv’s AppCenter empowers employees to easily discover apps, and delivers customized app recommendations. Streamline and automate the app request process.

Faster operations through intelligent automation

Automate app approval and licensing based on IT policies. Our ML-powered license automation lets IT easily align licensing needs to usage and streamline employee onboarding and offboarding.

Better decisioning via predictive insights and benchmarks

Get a unified view of employee app engagement with data integrated from multiple sources. Productiv also forecasts licensing needs for future years through our proprietary predictive analytics. And with AppCenter, enterprises can easily design and launch personalized employee experiences at scale.

Transform the employee experience with SaaS Intelligence

Our team is passionate about transforming how enterprises think about SaaS and the impact it can have on their company. We’re firm believers in the idea that enterprises today cannot retain their talent or deliver an engaging employee experience without better intelligence around their app portfolio. SaaS Intelligence is the key to building that stronger and more personalized digital employee experience.

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