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2 years later: Software takes a starring role

Companies are asking more from their software — it’s now a coworker, an assistant and a morale booster. For workers, it’s a trusted hub for their daily workflow. For employers, it keeps business running through disruption and competition. Enterprise software is the highest-growth area in IT, according to Gartner projections. Globally, businesses are expected to dole […]

CIOs tout guardrails as prevention for shadow IT woes

SaaS democratized technology procurement for business leaders and, in some cases, circumvented the need for IT involvement.  Line of business technology adoption liberates CIOs from technology minutiae, creating more bandwidth for strategy, yet compliance gaps and security concerns persist.  Every SaaS app the business purchases — so-called “credit card applications” — can have implications for […]

Productiv’s SaaS Intelligence Platform Is Here

I’m excited to share that today we’re introducing an enhanced version of Productiv: the SaaS Intelligence Platform. Our SaaS Intelligence Platform is uniquely designed to address critical issues that today’s enterprises face around ensuring SaaS visibility and governance, increasing operational velocity, and delivering a great employee experience. We decided to embark on this journey after […]


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