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Journey to 20,000: Introducing 7 new integrations for increased SaaS insights

How many SaaS apps does your company have? Many organizations have 200+ SaaS applications, spread across all departments. Our goal is to provide deep insights for each department and we just enhanced tracking for key applications in Sales, Project Management, Customer Support, and more.

The Productiv app catalog provides visibility to over 20,000 apps to ensure full coverage across your organization. Our key differentiation however, is the depth of our custom integrations with apps and data sources to give deeper insights and context around your applications. Our analytics engine layers in data from HR systems, expense reports, and multiple platforms to increase visibility across your portfolio and enable segmentation by team. In addition, we can uncover deep usage insights on more than 50 of the most commonly used applications driven by direct integrations.

Deeper Connections with Apps

How can you gain these deeper-level insights? Our dashboard shows you which applications you can connect and where you can input more data. Find which SSO or HR systems you can connect to provide more context. See which applications are only visible via SSO data and which ones you can go beyond log-in data.

New Featured Applications

Our platform is adding new data and inputs every month. We are pleased to announce 7 new and updated applications available in Productiv.

  • Anaplan
  • Coupa
  • 8×8 call center
  • JIRA OnPrem
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Oracle
  • SalesLoft

Collaboration Software: Enhancing Microsoft Teams

How are your employees collaborating remotely? We can give you rich insights into platforms such as Slack and Zoom. Our recent update provides more details around Microsoft Teams usage. Now you can see how many people attended meetings, if meetings were internal or external, and view statistics on cross-department collaboration.

Business Planning Applications: Anaplan

Which applications do you use for business planning and strategy? Previously we released support for applications such as Looker and Tableau which can help streamline analytics and reporting. Now we are adding support for a critical business-planning tool. Anaplan is a connected planning platform that helps businesses make better-informed plans and decisions faster. See who is using Anaplan to view, create, and delete models. Even manage administrative access all in one platform.

Customer Service Tools: 8×8 Call Center

Customer support is critical for many organizations, and we want to help you maximize the value of SaaS applications. Productiv already connects with Zendesk and we just added deeper insights with another customer service tool. 8×8 Contact Center is a call center solution that enables agents to efficiently work with their customers. Our connector provides visibility into how many calls agents are making, how many are being transferred, and more.

Project Management Tools: Increased JIRA support

How are your engineers and project management teams collaborating? Our platform provides deep insights across multiple Atlassian products, and we enhanced our JIRA coverage with our recent updates. We already support Jira Cloud, Trello, and Confluence. Now we added Jira Server/OnPrem to support organizations who are on the journey of digital transformation. See how many users are creating tickets, commenting, or updating issues, no matter which version of Jira you are using.

Sales Tools: SalesLoft

One of our key areas of focus for SaaS applications centers around Sales. Productiv provides close integration with Salesforce and Outreach. Recently we added deeper functionality and insights with SalesLoft. SalesLoft is a sales engagement platform that helps reps generate pipelines and manage deals. Productiv can provide insights into how often sales reps are making calls, creating cadences, and sending emails. All to ensure you are driving more revenue and customers for your business.

Finance integrations: Oracle and Coupa

Finally, we continued to increase our finance and contract integrations. This data is critical in providing full visibility into all applications, spend, and upcoming renewals. We want to make sure you can easily access the information and simplify processes across IT, Procurement, and Finance. Our platform already includes integrations with Netsuite and Expensify, and we will add more each month.

Our new connectors with Oracle and Coupa provide accurate, up-to-date expense and invoice data data automatically. With these connectors, we continuously pull and process expense reports and invoices, and then resolve them against our App Catalog to surface new SaaS spend. This improves the speed of ingestion, reduces errors, and removes the pain of manual work.

More to come

These 7 integrations are an important step forward and part of a goal to provide full visibility to 20,000+ applications. Many mission-critical applications run on SaaS and we want to make sure you have full visibility and value from every application in your portfolio. Want to see how you can leverage these integrations and gain more insight into how employees are using SaaS applications? Productiv’s real-time app engagement analytics help you make the right decisions about enterprise SaaS apps. Learn more about why Productiv is the top rated SaaS Management Platform