Product Release Announcement: App Portfolio Views

By Abhishek Aggarwal

Customers rely on our App List to drive alignment on their SaaS portfolio across IT, procurement, finance, and lines of business. But different stakeholders care about different sets of apps and varying information about those apps. 

For example, while marketing leaders may only be interested in the apps they use and own, procurement will likely want to see every app with a contract. Because of this, customers need the flexibility to create a variety of Views from which to collaborate with different teams. This has traditionally led to customers exporting and operating in spreadsheets.

Introducing Customizable App Portfolio Views

App Portfolio Views allow you to create purpose-driven customized views of your portfolio, i.e. a select set of apps with the relevant information. With this launch, we’ve made it easy for users to customize their App Portfolio, create several Views, and share them with different stakeholders. We have also completely revamped the filtering experience in line with best-of-breed apps, such as Notion and Airtable, making it simple to select the set of apps you care about.

New features

  • Access all your Views with a dropdown (Productiv curated and custom Views)
  • A new Productiv-curated My Apps view to see the list of apps where you are a named app contact
  • Create and save your own Views
  • Share your Views with other users via a link or screenshot
  • A revamped filtering experience with new filtering UI at the top of the App List, no longer hidden at the table level
  • Mark a View as your favorite. This will be the View that you’ll see when you go to App List
  • Renamed App List to “App Portfolio” to align it better with how customers talk about it

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