Product Release Announcement: Export APIs

By Sid Shroff

As SaaS adoption continues to grow, the Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ Platform provides the visibility and insights businesses need to get the most value from their SaaS portfolios. Our customers have often wanted to be able to use our rich data outside of Productiv’s core UI to fill in the picture of their larger IT investments. Well, you asked and we’ve delivered.

Introducing Productiv Export APIs

Third-party developers can now use our brand-new Data APIs to programmatically access Productiv data and insights to drive clarity and decision making. This gives your organization the ability to integrate the power of Productiv into its organizational processes. 

We are releasing two powerful endpoints to help you gather information about your app portfolio in real time. You can programmatically access the list of all applications in use in your environment, including discovered applications and “unmanaged” applications that require your attention. Additionally, you can pull extensive detailed metadata about each application including date of discovery, application owner contacts, contract details, and activity. 

These powerful and flexible APIs can be used to power a variety of use cases to drive increased value from Productiv. Here are a couple of specific customer examples.

1. Create one list of IT assets. Productiv is the source of SaaS software truth in our customer environments. With these APIs, customers can pull this data into ITSM/ITOM solutions like ServiceNow to build an always up-to-date single view of all their software or IT assets. Leveraging APIs means that data is never out of date without any manual upkeep.

2. Avoid overprovisioning. Many of our customers have ticket-based queues to fulfill employee requests for software. Our APIs provide an up-to-date count of active and available licenses to provide in-context information to IT teams in their helpdesk software. In addition to making the process more efficient, this information can also help organizations avoid over-provisioning and costly true-ups, resulting in operational savings.

As a part of the Productiv Export API launch, we are releasing two API endpoints.

1. Get App List. This endpoint returns the entire list of applications that are a part of your company’s portfolio. In addition, the endpoint also returns some additional metadata, such as App Status.

2. Get App Details. With this endpoint, you can fetch detailed information for any app in your environment. The response provides all the relevant information about the app, including metadata, such as App Status, Date of Discovery, and Last Activity Date as well as rich objects around Activity, Contracts, Contacts, etc.

Please check out our API documentation to learn more. (Requires login)

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We plan to invest heavily in building out our API interface to continue to deliver outsized value to our customers and we look forward to your feedback. Do you enjoy building on our brand-new APIs? Share your use case with us — we’d love to hear how these APIs are helping to streamline your IT operations.

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