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Productiv Announces Real-Time Engagement Analytics for Box

Productiv Announces Real-Time Engagement Analytics for Box

Productiv announces real-time engagement analytics for box

Purpose-built app engagement analytics enable IT leaders to drive adoption and increase collaboration in leading cloud content management solution

PALO ALTO, Calif. – Productiv, the company defining the new standard for SaaS application productivity, today announced the availability of powerful engagement analytics for customers using Box’s enterprise-grade cloud content management solution. With today’s announcement, CIOs and senior IT staff who use Box to seamlessly and securely manage all of their content in the cloud can now use Productiv to drive adoption, improve collaboration, and accurately predict future application use.

“Today’s enterprises look to the cloud first to collaborate, and Box is a leading cloud content management solution that enables organizations to accelerate business processes, power workplace collaboration, and protect their most valuable information,” said Jody Shapiro, CEO at Productiv. “With Productiv plus Box, CIOs and IT leaders at the 70% of Fortune 500 companies who are Box customers now have feature-level insight into how employees are collaborating in Box, allowing them to expand adoption, identify best practices and usage patterns, and understand the ways that employees are driving value from Box.”

Productiv allows CIOs and senior IT staff to analyze, drive, and improve adoption of and engagement in cloud applications. Using more than 50 dimensions of app engagement,  Productiv customers track, analyze, and see benchmarks for their entire SaaS portfolio in real time, improving adoption and collaboration in cloud applications by understanding application engagement by geography, team, device, and feature.

“We’re always evaluating the applications in our portfolio and for a large enterprise like Fox, this work is complex and time consuming,” said Aashish Chandarana, SVP Partnerships at Fox Corporation. “With Productiv real-time engagement analytics, we’ve been able to scale this process. Even more, we’re seeing our applications like Box in a different light because Productiv provides feature-level visibility to help us measure and drive adoption across the enterprise.”

With Productiv real-time engagement analytics for Box, IT leaders can now drill down on team usage frequency, user engagement frequency, and team feature engagement, including insights into files created, edited, shared, downloaded, and viewed across departments and locations. Key use cases include measuring and driving Box adoption at the team level, increasing use of Box collaborative features with feature-level visibility, leveraging accurate forecasting data from Productiv to get ahead of provisioning demand, and a 360-degree view of shadow IT apps in use that can be replaced by Box. 

“Box makes it simple for people to power secure collaboration and workflows around their most valuable content in the cloud,” said Jeetu Patel, Chief Product Officer at Box. “Having Productiv as a Box Technology Partner empowers our customers with engagement and usage analytics that will enable them to drive Box adoption and centralize, manage, and secure their data in the cloud.”

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Productiv provides application engagement analytics that help modern business technology leaders determine if the cloud apps in their enterprise are the right ones for their budget, their people, and their business. Productiv achieves this by looking at more than 50 application engagement dimensions, making it possible for IT teams to analyze, drive, and improve their portfolio based on how people use applications to get their work done.