Productiv Product Update: July 2022

Productiv Product Update: July 2022

Innovation never stops at Productiv. We’re constantly investing in ways to expand our capabilities to drive even more value to our customers. Here is a list of some of our latest product enhancements.

App List Enhancements


It is now easier to customize your App List page to reflect the data views your business needs with added capabilities such as expanded filtering support to more fields, ability to reorder App List columns, enhanced filtering logic, and app descriptions on the app overview page.

  • Filter by App Name: Easily filter down to the list of apps you care about. We hear frequently that IT cares about a subset of apps and only want to see those in the App List table.
  • Filter by Custom Fields: Filtering support enabled for all custom fields. Customers upload critical information as custom fields (e.g. Cost Center) and want to filter on that.
  • Filter by App Contacts: Easily filter down to the list of apps based on who manages the app. E.g. IT contact.
  • Enhanced Filtering Logic: All App List filters can now find the entered search term if it exists anywhere in the options, and not just the beginning (e.g. if you enter “Workspace”, it will now find “Google Workspace” which wasn’t the case previously).
  • Reorder Columns: Reorder the App List columns to arrange them exactly how you want to see them.
  • App Description on the App Overview Page: We now show a brief app description on each app’s overview page to help IT get a quick sense for what the app does.


We have enhanced the App List filtering capabilities for columns that can have multiple values, such as Data Source (SSO, Social Logins, Engagement, etc). You can now filter down to any combination of values, similar to how you can with spreadsheets.

  • Enhanced filtering on Data Sources and App Contacts
  • Example: To find apps that have Social logins only
    • Deselect All
    • Search for Social
    • Select the “Social Logins” checkbox
  • Example: To find a combination (e.g. Social Logins, SSO)
    • Deselect All
    • Search for Social Logins, SSO
    • Select All
  • Example: To find all apps that contain Social Logins (earlier functionality)
    • Deselect All
    • Search for Social
    • Select All

Consolidated View

Simplified App List views gives you a streamlined space to view your data, and is now standardized on the full list view. A discovered apps view is also directly available to make it even easier to find newly discovered apps.

  • Added Discovered Apps tab to the full list
  • Removed Summary View
  • Removed App List chart
  • Removed Add connector button and banner

Find out more details here.

Custom Dashboard Enhancements

Spend Widget

Custom Dashboard views have been elevated with the addition of the Spend Widget. This enhancement allows customers to specify a Fiscal Year End and view spend trends on a Year-over-Year basis. This spend can be inclusive of both Expense and Invoices Paid, or filter down to one of the Spend types. In addition, the user can view Spend by various pivots including: Application, Vendor, and App Category.

  • Specify Fiscal Year
  • Visually compare YoY Spend by Invoice, Expense, or both
  • View Spend by Pivots: Application, Vendor, Category of Spend

Benchmark Enhancements

Percentage Comparisons 

Benchmarking provides organizations the insights needed to effectively understand and negotiate app contracts. The recent additions to benchmarking views allows customers to see benchmarks compared to their cohort (customers who have purchased similar amounts of the same product), and just how far above or below as a percentage of the median of their cohort (center of the distribution).

Permissions: You need to have at least Basic User permissions to view contract benchmark data. Benchmarks will only be visible for supported apps where you have an active contract in the product.

Data Trust Enhancements

App Roll-Ups

Roll-Up reporting provides a powerful unified view of app activity across instances, enabling license optimizations and recommendations against active and provisioned licenses. Customers can now customize which instances get counted towards the App Roll-Up and bypass aggregate reporting on non-applicable instances such as test, dev, and sandbox environments. The excluded instances will continue to be tracked and available for customers to review separately.

  • Exclude app instance(s) from the Roll-Up
  • Add comments to provide context for the decision
  • Option to include back the excluded instance at any time
  • Permissions: You need to be at least App Admin to be able to include / exclude

Google Social Login Enhancements

Separated Social Logins

Google Social login activity is now separated from managed SSO activity. Productiv now shows Google Social login data as a separate data source that users can select and view, similar to engagement data and managed SSO data.

  • A new Social logins roll-up that is separate from SSO logins
  • Active and provisioned license for SSO will not counts Social activity
  • Recommendations unlocked for SSO view which previously required users to select a managed SSO source to view recommendations


Concur Invoice Connector

Gain visibility into your organization’s app spend via Concur Invoice. Customers can now programmatically ingest data from Concur Invoice and automatically detect spend associated with a particular app, vendor, or reseller into Productiv dashboards.

Enhanced Salesforce Connector

Looking for better visibility into additional licenses in SFDC? Productiv customers can now see provisioned users for Permissions Sets and Managed Packages on the Overview page of the Salesforce connector.

Showpad Connector

The Showpad connector fetches engagement data automatically and is able to track engagement events such as app opened, shared space interactions, asset management activities.

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