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Productiv Product Update: September 2022

We’ve been hard at work expanding the capabilities of the Productiv SaaS Intelligence™ platform. Read on to learn about our latest enhancements, and stay tuned for more exciting news later this month!

Get instant insights with our new home page

The Dashboards view is now the home page you’ll see when you log in to Productiv. This view provides a high-level overview of your entire portfolio with customizable widgets you can click into for more insight.

Customize App Portfolio Views

Customers rely on our App List to drive alignment on their SaaS portfolio across IT, procurement, finance, and lines of business. But different stakeholders care about different sets of apps and varying information about those apps. 

App Portfolio Views allow you to create purpose-driven customized views of your portfolio, i.e. a select set of apps with the relevant information. With this launch, we’ve made it easy for users to customize their App Portfolio, create several Views, and share them with different stakeholders.

Read our blog on this feature to learn more.

Understand provisioned spend by employee and team

To better plan for SaaS spend and discuss SaaS strategies with teams, customers need to clearly see how SaaS spend is allocated across departments.

With this update, we’ve made it simple for customers to see their total SaaS spend by team and average SaaS spend per employee. Our provisioned spend metrics, based on contract spend data, enable customers to easily understand how teams (such as Marketing or Sales) are spending on SaaS.

These insights allow you to compare spend between departments, identify areas of overspend, and lead data-driven conversations with line-of-business leaders.

New features include:

  • Provisioned spend metric on Teams Page
  • Provisioned spend per user metric on Teams Page

Streamline contract updates with contract editing

Complex contracts can result in a lot of back and forth to ensure that the contract data is accurately captured.

Contract editing gives customers the ability to own their contract data. With contract editing, a customer can edit an existing contract uploaded to Productiv within the application using a simple editor form. The editor allows customers to make changes to fields such as start and end date or auto-renewal. It also gives them the ability to add additional line items and define whether those line items will auto-renew or not. 

The contract editor allows Customer to edit:

  • Contract ID
  • Start date
  • End date
  • Buyer contact
  • Seller contact
  • Auto-renewal
  • Line item details

Improve contract accuracy with Contract Validation

Contract ingestion can sometimes feel like a one-way street with our Contract Ingestions team processing data and uploading a contract with limited input from customers.

Now, with Contract Validation, our teams can proactively reach out to customers and identify areas of the contract that they need to review. We also streamlined the process of marking a contract as valid, which leaves a permanent stamp of the user and time of validation.

Contract issues can be flagged along with a screenshot and annotations for expedited resolution. Customers are notified through email (or via the preferred contact method noted). Customers can also subscribe to notifications around contracts that need review or contracts that failed to process, so they are always in the know.

Access Productiv data with Export APIs

Our customers want to integrate Productiv’s rich data sets with additional data sources to fill in the picture of their larger IT investments. Well, you asked and we’ve delivered.

Third-party developers can now use our brand-new Data APIs to programmatically access Productiv data and insights to drive clarity and decision making. This gives your organization the ability to integrate the power of Productiv into the broader organizational context. We are releasing two powerful endpoints to help you gather information about your app portfolio in real time including App List & App Details. 

Read our blog on this feature to learn more.

Gain more visibility with our new connectors

Productiv seamlessly connects to hundreds of sources to give you a complete picture of your SaaS portfolio. These connectors enable you to analyze the SaaS tools in your organization across multiple dimensions, such as spend, licensing, usage, security, team, and more.  

We’ve recently expanded our integrations with financial software to increase visibility and insights into SaaS purchases made across the organization. 

Our latest finance connectors include:

  • An improved connector for Concur Expense and a new connector for Concur Invoice. Both are certified and available on SAP Concur App Center
  • A new invoice connector for Sage Intacct certified and on Sage Intacct Marketplace
  • A new expense connector for Fyle

Explore our extensive library of connectors.

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