9 best practices for managing SaaS subscriptions and spend

Image depicts two people discussing their SaaS subscriptions

Chances are, new SaaS applications are popping up at your organization every month. But as new apps come in, it’s important to evaluate how employees are using existing tools. Managing SaaS spend can feel like a headache, but these best practices can help to regain control of your SaaS portfolio. What is a SaaS subscription?…

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Rounding out the year — The top SaaS apps, according to the data

Image depicts a person reviewing the 2023 SaaS trends on a tablet.

Whether we’re looking at AI launches, mass staffing changes, tighter budgets, or a new boom of software, it’s safe to say that the tech world has experienced a whirlwind year. But, despite Procurement leaders facing tougher decisions when it comes to budget spend, SaaS (software as a service) sprawl continues at an upward rate. In…

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What is indirect procurement and why your company should care

Image depicts two employees reviewing their spend management

Projected to grow by an estimated 7 percent per year globally, indirect procurement provides an often overlooked opportunity for companies to save time and money. When companies use digital solutions to “revolutionize” indirect procurement, McKinsey estimates cost savings of 15 to 20 percent. This provides a huge opportunity for companies to invest in their longevity…

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What is Spend Management?

Spend Management is a solution in which an organization brings all of its spend data (SaaS spend, employee expenditures, shadow spend, contracts, application usage data, license consumption and more) into one centralized platform to assess suppliers, contracts, and expenses to make informed decisions regarding purchases, renewals, and management of expenditures and then take action on those decisions.

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